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The wall of the Hornsey railway yard wall along the New River path has been defaced again, just days after the previous graffiti had been cleaned up.

What gives these mindless idiots the idea that to impose  their childish scribbles, with no pretence to artistic merit, is acceptable ?

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So you're happy to live with these anti-social issues ? If we don't complain they will get worse and worse.

Do you remember the film where the lead character shouted " I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more ? " 

That's where I'm at.

Well,let's start a ground swell.

We could ask Network Rail and/or Seimens Rail. who use the buildings in the yard if they'd consider installing CCTV outside the building. Then the miscreants could possibly be identified by the police.

The problem is exacerbated when Network Rail  leave clearing it for so long. The yoof will make a subconscious calculation that it's worth the cost of the paint and the effort it is stays up for 6 months to a year. Whereas if it's cleared quickly, they're more likely to tire of the effort required to make their scrawls.

Are you going to report this, John?


But it's not Network Rail's fault. The " youf" needs to be educated, not punished. And educated by those who, like me refuse to put up with their activities,

I've just reported it too. I imagine the more noise the better. I used the chat function this time that Alex flagged in the previous thread

Here's the wall as of today. Not too bad, yet.....

I reported it and just heard back that it will apparently be dealt with next week. 

Looks like that wall needs some maintenance and re-pointing, what is it about buddleia and railways?.

Hire somebody with a big stick to walk up and down all day...

Latest episode has now been dealt with. That was a lot quicker.

Just reported another small oeuvre.



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