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Has anyone else noticed the appalling work done by the contractors at the Duckett's end of Hampden Road? They've removed the dropped curbs and replaced them with (dangerous if you're blind or disabled) high curbs. Maybe then realising their error, they've subsequently bodged a repair by piling up a ramp of ugly tarmac at each side. That's our tax dollars well spent, eh?

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With regards to the parking changes, they were clearly ill-considered. A spurious method of calculating spare parking capacity was used.

To highlight this, a few of us organised a parking audit where spare spaces were actually counted rather than estimated. Once the reality of the 'imperfect' way most if us park is taken into consideration, spare capacity reduces significantly.

Michael A put the results together for us. You can see them here and the full set of discussions on this issue here

Safety concerns flagged to our hard-working Councillor, Zena Brabazon.

And it's equally dangerous turning LEFT out of Raleigh where the pavement build out forces you to take half of the North-going lane, bringing you into head-on conflict with oncoming traffic.

Yup. Also turning right onto Sydney from the West. Where they're cut the two lanes down to one-and-a-half, you have to again pull out into oncoming traffic to be able to take the turning. Honestly, this whole plan has been incredibly ill-thought-out and delivered. 

I walk past twice a day...and can report they’ve completed all the works and it is much improved!

Thanks Rory and Miss Claire. 



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