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More electric charging points for the Ladder & Woodlands Park

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This is awesome.

Looks like only they're only proposing four more points for the Ladder, which has very few at the moment, given the number of residents. Compared to Hackney and Islington, Haringey are (as usual) lagging behind.

Surely car ownership and % electric / plug in hybrid per household would be a factor in the allocation of these, along with physical capacity. But I wouldn’t expect Haringey council to be half as scientific…

My neighbours have an electric car which they used to charge from the house, with careful safety coverings on the cables, but Haringey told them they would be prosecuted if they continued. Now they have to fight for one of the two spaces a few streets away, the other of which is used as an all-day parking/charging space by a local restaurant owner. It doesn't exactly encourage me to invest in an electric vehicle at any time in the near future.

I don't know why they keep on putting Source London. They are one of the worst providers. They should use the lamppost companies like char.gy

I have a PHEV and gave up on charging anymore over a year ago after being ripped off twice and their customer service taking months to reply to emails.

I guess with a full electric that can do 200+ miles a charge it doesn't matter that much and they are more practical, but for now I will pass.

This is great news. I regularly use the Source London points by Fairland Park with no problems.

Great news! I would agree with the suggestion that they shouldn’t be Source London but actually with the residents’ discount they’re now pretty comparable in prices to other providers. Haringey are, of course, well behind in the roll-out of chargers still, but glad they’re doing something about it…



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