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Have a look at the litany of corruption leaving a clear trail behind the last leader.


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I'm sure your intentions are good, but my understanding is that this post breaks the rules of the Harringay Online forum.  I do not believe that this is a place where I should be told how to vote.  Please see the relevant rules below:

q. Political Postings: In addition to 'p' above, we allow statements of policy or fact by candidates or their representatives. However we urge great care from these members when entering debates, particularly during election periods. Statements of position or policy by candidates or their representatives, are encouraged. Comments denigrating the positions of opposing parties or any comments designed to bring into disrepute opposing parties, candidates or their positions are not.

Our focus is on local politics rather than national politics.

Due to the contentious nature of many posts oriented towards party politics, we reserve the right to edit, delete or close such discussions where we feel that they are not primarily focussed on local issues or they are likely to foster a divisive spirit on the website. This option is more likely to be chosen at times of particular political or social tension.

Agreed. There is information within the article to be shared, but not the political posturing.

What is the point of your post? To show us a newspaper article of interest or start an argument by being provocative? If you merely wanted to show your support for the investigation you might be wiser if your words had been chosen with less bias.

Quoting a newspaper article that states investigations have been demanded into concerning incidents, & declaring it all corruption BEFORE the investigation has started, let alone results revealed, is tantamount to spreading gossip.

You say that the corruption trail goes back to the former leader but then denigrate anyone who may choose to vote for the current leader; you might be (deliberately?) creating the atmosphere for inference that the current leader may be corrupt too. You've certainly provoked the insulting first reply from Doodle, & won your first supportive & equally insulting comment there.

Rest assured I have my own story about possible corruption & potentially underhand dealing around where I live as regards property developers' tactics & council 'policy' surrounding live/work units within a couple of housing developments from 2014 onwards, so I too welcome the enquiry.

I do not appreciate a public post like this where the wording appears more suitable for a very different social media platform where one's own like minded friends can revel without the rest of us here being potentially subject to influence.

It's right to draw attention to this. Otherwise, people east of the tracks (ie. Outside the Ham & High distribution area) would never hear of such things.

In fact, removing the original post as you suggest would have the effect of stifling democratic discussions about local issues. 

Brian, I haven't suggested removing the post at all. Please don't infer something that isn't there or implied.

I suggested that the wording of the post be moderated to remove the political bias & it now has been. Also the unpleasant echoing reply from Doodle has also been removed. Thanks to the HoL moderators.

Thanks to the HoL moderators, action has been taken & the posturing political telling-us-how-to-vote content has been removed.

Why are some people objecting to this post? It concerns our local Council, and since we don't have any local media worthy of the name surely we should welcome it? We are in a distressing period at the moment when all political parties seem to lack integrity or member influence.

It's the potentially influencing opining, & rudeness, not the subject itself, that I'm objecting to.

What's influencing my opinion is that millions of our collective cash has been wasted by either chronic ineptitude (best case) or Corruption, which seems the most likely reason.

Obviously you object to the political element, but the councillors are involved... so yeh, politics...

Missing the point, there. It's as Kumari said. It's a bit wearisome that you still appear not to understand that. It's been edited anyway, so please feel free to continue talking about the content of the newspaper article with those who have commented & are thanking you as they had not heard about it, but there's little point continuing to reply to me as you're more or less preaching to the converted on this subject.

Of course it needed to be shared! The subject is most relevant. As I have indicated elsewhere, I too welcome the enquiry, but I'm not about to denigrate any political party leanings.

Wow. Is this thread going to be cancelled? Those on either side of the political fence who read this thread are, I hope, sensible enough to not be swayed by a contentious word or two. Read the Ham&High link and make your own minds up but as previously stated the majority from the central and eastern fringes of this borough will not see the article and should be able to read it before casting their votes. Not that it'll make one iota of a difference that is. 

Overt party political material removed. I'd edited the title last night but missed the final sentence of the original post - now deleted.



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