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The Licensing Committee has granted permission for a premises licence for Betfred (next to the Post Office). One slender hope remains in the form of a possible refusal from the Planning Inspectorate for planning permission, whose decision is still awaited, but with the licence now granted, the scales are tipped further against us.

What all this means, which of course we already knew, is that it is impossible to prevent an unlimited number of betting shops opening in our community.

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Wonderful. OAE you get my award for post of the year. :)
Ta, TW. Your original proposal of a protest outside BetFredNationwide was a good one. What always amuses me here is how the mobile vulgus works up an almighty head of steam over a day's posting, draws breath for three or six months, returns to the fray briefly, dissipates its energy and purpose like a spent hurricane (while the object of their ire gets quietly down to business), ends up worrying about a single harmless pavement-squatting beggar, or wondering whether Harringay GL is Upper Street or a shithole. Ho-effing-hum!
Couldn't agree more! Still HOL aint too bad.

Hi all. Don't forget about the scrutiny reveiw of betting shops this afternoon at Wood Green Civic Centre. There are two sessions:

At 3pm participants can hear evidence from licensing & planning officers, Gambling Commission and betting shop operators

At 6pm have your say and hear evidence from local residents, community groups and residents associations

I've taken photos of most of the betting shops on Wood Green High Street and posted them on my blog here: http://tinyurl.com/3xn7tgv

Perhaps we should just paint the words ' out of order' on the front all the bookies in the area, as often as we can. ;)

THIS morning, on my way back from attending a Cabinet Member Signing (about the £86,000 Borough identity re-branding), I took a photo of damage to the door of a William Hill betting shop in Wood Green. I don't know how long it's been like that.

New Labour's Gambling Act (2005) allowed up to four Fixed Odds Betting Terminals per Gambling Premises. (The damage to the door may be unrelated to FOBTs.)


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