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The Licensing Committee has granted permission for a premises licence for Betfred (next to the Post Office). One slender hope remains in the form of a possible refusal from the Planning Inspectorate for planning permission, whose decision is still awaited, but with the licence now granted, the scales are tipped further against us.

What all this means, which of course we already knew, is that it is impossible to prevent an unlimited number of betting shops opening in our community.

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Step forward Mr Lammy :-)
There are a fair number of betting shops in the city considering the number of corner shops.
The trouble with those betting shops, they're run by selfish idiots playing with other peoples money and called banks! Sorry John you walked into that one : )

This decision and the piffly fine handed out to the HMO bloke makes you wonder is any of this worth it, no one listens to the common folk and business, legal or illegal always wins.

Try page 17 (page 163) of this document: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/gamblingestablishmentsfeasibilitystudy..pdf

(Assistant to David Lammy MP)
Michelle, there's likely to be some link, but Harringay doesn't show up as deprived in the ONS stats
Michelle if you compare this ONS Harringay summary with this one for Crouch End, you'll see that there's barely any difference on crime, but lots of difference in the number of betting shops.

I'm pretty sure that Harringay's crime rate is about average for London. Probably not so for other parts of the borough. This crime map from the Met offers a useful view of London crime.
I suspect you're right Michelle - would be interesting bit of analysis. Very sorry to see that yet one more being added to our little pocket.
HUGH, I'm saddened to learn this but also angry that the government appears to have done little or nothing to row back on their hugely permissive legislation that has allowed this situation to grow, well past the point where there should have been intervention or amending legislation.

Some Members of Haringey Council, like Cllr. H. Lister and his cronies, are actively pro-gambling and have lobbied to get a casino into Alexandra Palace (our Registered Charity). This is still a possibility, but probably some distance off.

I suspect that most councillors and even the council as a whole, might recognize that the situation has gone too far and understand the need for amending the Gambling Act and/or its Regulations. But there is nothing new about this. Saturation gambling along Green Lanes has existed for perhaps 18 months or more, with frequent attempts by the gambling chains to push the envelope even further.

I agree with and welcome the assertions by David Lammy MP (election material) in saying "No More Betting Shops Here" and "enough is enough for spread of betting shops in Haringey".

But anyone might imagine that David Lammy was merely a local community activist, rather than an MP.

More than just a Member of Parliament, Mr Lammy is a Member of the Government and has held positions of Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Parliamentary Secretary and currently a Minister of State. Does he have no influence? What has he been doing about this issue, from his position of significant power and influence over the last 12 months? This is a matter both of principle: and its in his own patch.

A cynical person might suppose that this is a useful populist issue to latch onto at election time ... but do little about it the rest of the time.

I walked past him and the others demonstrating (holding up A4 sheets of paper and having photographs taken) outside that betting shop. Made me laugh in all honesty. Seeing that smile on his face and knowing he couldnt care less if there were a hundred betting shops on our stretch of Green Lanes. Time to prove me wrong Lammy.
Unbe-freakin'-lievable. Quite right John D, where is Mr. Lammy... whose office sends me lovely e-mails about how hard he's fighting this sort of thing?
I am amazed that all of these betting shops manage to stay in business - there are so many? I live opposite the post office and there are already 2 on the corner, not to mention the rest down the street...there is going to be more betting shops than kebab places...this is crazy!
I am very disappointed. We tried to do something and so many people wrote letters etc but just goes to show that ordinary residents can be just ignored. Yes, where is our MP? He was keen to have a photoshoot on green lanes a few weeks back but has he been seen since? He should be raising the issue more actively. I dont know about links to all those indexes but do know that I would like to see more variety in shops along the parade which just isnt there now. I am suspicious of indexes anyway. I suspect that in some areas, people dont bother to report some crimes cus they feel nothing will be done about them. But I do believe that as more people are thrown out of work, tho, they are perhaps tempted to bet to try to get that bit extra. Its often 'economically inactive' men who spend whole days in betting shops.



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