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Yet again, I witnessed a pedestrian get smashed in to a by a wreckless and dangerous moped driver on green lanes, anyone else finding it's getting worse out there? And I am not talking about the LTNs, I'm talking about the sheer number of dangerous moped drivers belting around to make their delivery profitable. It's madness, and inexcusably dangerous.

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Licence? Insurance? I doubt these apply to a lot of them. 

And fake plates? I don't know what else could explain their disregard for road rules or the safety of other people.

Again, not talking in absolute terms, just observed trends.

Also, another bit that irks me, and please correct me if I'm wrong, you can jump on to a moped legally with a provisional license as long as you have an L plate on, hence all the L plates on them. Surely, local councillors or government must see the carry on I notice, is it overlooked due to the business nature of all this, ie allowing Uber eats, deliveroo et al to gain massive markets share without hinderance. Also, the speed and momentum of electric bikes is concerning too now. I'm concerned that the place is getting overrun by it and, they will kill someone, the guy I saw the other day knocked down could have easily been killed, the moped driver also attempted to drive away by the looks of it, I stopped him and said dont leave the scene of an accident, I'll ring the police right now. 

Interesting point, commercial use with a provisional licence, is that legal?,

You are wrong in several respects.

There is, in practice,  no such thing as a moped any more. Search Autotrader for moped and not one of the bikes has pedals.

In theory it is not possible to "jump on a moped legally with a provisional licence" as there is a requirement to pass a CBT (compulsory Basic Training) course first. See this government page

I passed my CBT about 15 years ago when Haringey was paying for them for Haringey residents. I guessed that they were seeing too many accidents with untrained motor cyclists. I was having a slightly beyond mid-life crisis and pondering a Harley Davidson.

I have just filled in an insurance proposal with "The Bike Insurer" as a provisional licence holder wanting to be a "Fast Food Delivery" driver, both with my real age and 30 years younger. Their response was

I believe that if the insurance proposal is truthfully completed, the insurer will probably not take on the risk of a provisional licence holder.

But surely any responsible employer would demand proof of legality before entrusting his kebabs to a motor cyclist.

"But surely any responsible employer would demand proof of legality before entrusting his kebabs to a motor cyclist."

Precisely why no business wants delivery rider/drivers to be deemed employees.

The pedestrian got smashed into a ...what? There's a word missing there in the report.

Witnessing another accident due to poor driving skills, on this last Sunday about 9.30pm, the 41 bus I was on that was slowly queuing on Turnpike Lane towards the junction with the High Rd, had to brake fully jolting us all, when a delivery driver, overtaking the bus at speed, crashed into a car that he couldn't see, but didn't think to anticipate might be, turning right - being let out from a side road by the bus driver. The rider seemed OK, as he picked himself up & wheeled the motorbike to the kerb - the car's number plate had to be retrieved from the middle of the road.

With the number of complaints about such food delivery services not turning up but still being charged for with refunds refused, it seems surprising that they still operate. The only time I've experienced Uber Eats, a work colleague ordered in for a late meeting & it never showed up. We remained hungry before I went out foraging.

We used to order the odd meal in at a friends house but when Deliveroo took over, it got later & later - we could have popped to the shops & cooked in the meantime!

I'm increasingly annoyed at some local places who ignore their eat-in or take-away customers while they're cooking for countless deliveries. At one place in Crouch End, there was an endless stream of delivery drivers hanging around inside the restaurant cluttering up the aisles, getting in the way of the waiters, & then bashing our shoulders with their huge boxes, while we seated customers waited ages for our meals to arrive.

At a kebab takeaway on Blackhorse Rd, I was the only one sitting waiting; I kept seeing kebab after kebab go on the uncrowded grill, but it was 10 mins before they checked with me what I'd ordered & finally started cooking it! I presumed they couldn't keep track of what was on the grill for all the deliveries that kept leaving the place!

As those places clearly can't cope with the demand, I'll never go back nor join the delivery queue for those places. 

There's a new pizza place right near me - entirely for delivery it seems, & I can't go in & order on my way home - I can collect apparently but have to ring up to order! I went in to ask for a menu & prices to order as there is no publicity visible, but was told to go home & look them up online & then order. That would take me another 5-10 mins in itself. They were really quite rude! There is a TV screen in the window I'd thought for showing what the options are but it's been months now & it's never worked. I don't see the point in paying the premium for a shop front if they don't make full use of it. Presumably everyone who sees it does their bidding & goes home to order online. The day I went in & got told to basically go away, I went to the nearest shop & bought a frozen pizza instead for about a sixth of the price of the delivery pizza. It took 15 mins in total for me to get home & cook it. Far quicker than if I'd ordered delivery. That place is clearly doing enough business & doesn't need nor want my contribution. I just hope that the grumpy staff are paid properly - however, presumably not, & they didn't want to.pay the wages that the friendlier applicants wanted.

Can people no longer be bothered to cook? Is there too much disposable income in some households? In others, is the perception that grocery & energy costs are even higher than ordering in?

I think the places where you can't go in and order are called 'dark kitchens'. A great addition to a lively high street. There is a shop on Chatsworth Road with a sign reading "Hours of Opening - Closed Monday to Sunday" but at least that makes me laugh.

And as for eating pizza https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/nutrition/diet/healthy-g...  


At his son’s birthday party last year, Dr Rangan Chatterjee managed to eat just three slices of pizza among all the chaotic fun. He was wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) at the time, so he held his phone over the monitor to track his blood ­glucose levels, also called blood sugar. 

He is an NHS doctor with 20 years’ experience, but what happened next shocked him. The reading shot up after 20 minutes and then kept going. 

“I was watching it go up and up, until it hit the highest my blood sugar has ever been: 12.5-13mmol/L. I’d never seen anything like it,” says the author and broadcaster.

To put the reading in context, for most people without diabetes, normal blood sugar levels are between 4-6mmol/L before meals, and less than 8mmol/L two hours after eating. ­Chatterjee’s response put him in the diabetic category. "

This new 'Woodfired' pizza place I'm talking about is fully open, very brightly lit, & you can collect; they clearly don't have any payment system within the shop - it's all ordering online. I could stand outside & order via my smartphone, or even go in to order, but there's nowhere to sit, so they clearly don't welcome it. My complaint is that it's my nearest takeaway but I can't take advantage of a spur of the moment decision to treat myself if I'm tired & don't feel like cooking when I go past.

As for this doc & his party pizza, who knows where it came from. Basically pizza is bread, cheese, tomato puree, & meat/fish/veg. So it ought to be healthy but, often the bases are of poorer quality than that of a basic sliced white loaf, & the tomato sauce is too sweet, both with an inordinate amount of preservatives for wholesale cheapness. If it's just cheese on top there's often a lot of salt - mozzarella can be very briny - salami & pepperoni are full of salt & sugars to preserve them. A different type with fish, & loads of veggies piled on offsets the healthier aspects & mitigates the blood glucose rush.

Rosamund: If you haven't seen it, you might want to read this rather salutary report of Queen Mary College/Action on Salt's recent research into takeaway and supermarket pizzas' salt content: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2023/may/17/half-of-pizzas-on-sale...

Bit scary.

Yeah, as I already said, choice of ingredients can vary hugely as to whether a pizza is healthy or not. Just like burgers, the actual concept is basic - protein, carbs, & served with veg as a topping or a side it can be healthy. It's all the cheap processed elements & preservatives that spoil the concept. Pre-prepared items such as pizza should only be consumed occasionally.

Frankly the article (& maybe the research results also) does not go far enough in identifying which elements of these pizzas that were tested contain the salt - it doesn't go far enough in identifying whether it's the base, or the sauce, the type of cheese, the processed meats, or whether they included anchovies - an obviously salty topping.

In my case, I occasionally exhibit signs of low blood pressure & so salt is advised in my diet.

Indeed Rosamund, although the grandson likes to order pizza when he stays over, I always note what a rip-off they are. Minimum ingredients, sloppy base, I much prefer to make my own with twice the topping at half the price.

Although I live nearer the N13 end we still get our kebabs from Turnpike Lane, a short ride back on the tube taking care not to stink the carriage out with sweating onion.



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