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Woke up on Saturday to find this footage from my video doorbell of a Lycra-clad lady nicking my Guardian! I know it’s silly but I can’t stop thinking about it. She’s so blatant! There are much worse things in the world (obviously)  but it really upset me. 

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I sympathise; it feels like a violation, not least in its brazenness. I’ve had several tussles with the Guardian’s home delivery service (the direct one, not run by local newsagents) about the paper being flung on the front path or the doorstep, or not pushed through the letterbox, not just for the inconvenience but worry about security if I’m away overnight and it advertises my absence. If you get your paper direct from the Guardian, I suggest you ring or e-mail them to complain about the paper not being properly delivered — it takes a bit of persistence, but works in the end.

Incidentally, on the GDPR point raised above, I see that the government is planning to water down the requirements now that we’re post-Brexit (“common sense, not box-ticking”, according to the “Culture” Secretary), so it’ll probably soon be legal to sell doorbell footage on Amazon Marketplace as entertainment....

If a local newsagent offers a delivery service, please use it.



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