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Mid-terraced house prices in Duckett Road or surrounding roads in April 1991


I’m after actual or advertised price data for freehold mid-terraced houses on or within a 2 mile radius of Duckett Road, for the year 1991.

So, if your house is freehold mid terraced and sold in this period, I’d be interested to know the sale price. Or if you have old local papers from the time with houses for sale in the area, that would be very useful. I plan to visit museums / libraries after lockdown to access old back issues of eg Hornsey Journal, Haringey Advertiser to access this information.

The Land Registry has sales data online, but not as far back as 1991. Ditto for online property sites. I’ve phoned multiple estate agents on Green Lanes, but they don’t hold data back to 1991.



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Sorry, I didn't add the link in my previous comment - now rectified.

Whilst the dotgov information doesn't make clear whether the evidentiary sources it lists are cumulative or optional, a reasonable reading of it is that they are optional.

In the case of band comparability, the price of your house in 1991 would be irrelevant, unless you have a recorded price actually paid. So, using the comparability route, if all the neighbouring houses are all but identical to yours and are in Band E, then, according to my reading of the help page, that should be sufficient. 

On the other hand, evidence required for the price route does seem stricter and harder to come by. 

Definitely worth trying the comparability route (if it exists!) Have you, or has anyone else tried making such a submission?

What about you, Karen? Did you supply only historical price data or also band comparability data?

PS: I just flicked through the banding data for Duckett. From a quick look through the data on Direct Gov, it seems to have an unusually high proportion of houses banded F compared to any of the neighbouring roads (which is very odd). So, the comparability route would probably be a challenge fo you. I'm assuming this why you need price data.

So, I hope enough people see this and come forward to help you with evidence.

You’ve hit the nail on the head, Hugh. Most of the F band houses in Duckett Road are on the south facing side of Duckett Road, between the river and Wightman Road. That’s why I can’t use immediately adjacent houses as comparables. Most of the other properties are in lower bands. 

I’m pretty certain that, as Ladder houses were built 1880-1900, they would originally have had basements for coal. Google Maps satellite shows how uniform the houses are along Duckett Road. 

The only way to get the true property band for a house is by getting transactions data (first best) or advertised prices (second best), for the period the valuation exercise relates to (1991 - 1993). It’s best not to pull the trigger and formally ask for a revaluation until there’s a watertight case: any overpaid tax will be refunded, so patience is worthwhile. 

I think I will conduct further data analysis of the valuation office banding data from Duckett to Umfreville and Duckett to Warham. With 7 roads, that’s circa 700 properties. I’ll be able to see whether the F properties are located along the street, the difference in proportion of F properties, whether this is statistically significant etc. Across England, only 9% of properties are in band F and above!!!

As an illustration of how busted the system is, this property (worth twice as much as one in Duckett Road) is in band E!!

38 Crouch Hall Road, London N8 8HJ




FreeholdTerraced house



Estimated price



Maurice- I’ve posted a link to this discussion on my local WhatsApp group to see if anyone who doesn't access HoL can help (I bought in 1984 so well outside the time frame)

Thanks, Michael

Just checked our council tax bill - we are Band F - definitely too high if you go by the band values in 1991. Do let me know if you have any success in finding transactional prices as I’m tempted to have another try at getting the band reduced. I have a feeling that a neighbouring house was in Band E when we tried which made us hopeful. I will try and find the paperwork for my original appeal. 

Thanks. I have a sense that we only ever get one shot at this, so getting it right first time is vital. You have to give the valuation office incontrovertible evidence that you’re in the wrong band, and this must be for like for like properties during 1991-1993. 

Worth looking at, Karen, but I think you’ve missed the chance to appeal 


We carried out a similar exercise a few years ago. We did manage to get info from old Hornsey Journals which clearly indicated our house was in too high a band. We paid £92,000 in 1996. We battled with the valuation office for some time but they wouldn't budge. Hope you are more successful.  

It would be an interesting victory as almost all of the ordinary 3 bed terraces on the Ladder roads are in the same band, so would set a precedent any other local banding challenges 

It’s in all our interests to share transaction price information

Benchmarking properties against others is a pointless, circular exercise: the house you’re benchmarking against may well  be in the wrong council tax band to begin with, such good as mine.

I want to challenge once, and do it successfully. The information is out there, but it has to be for 1991-1993. There was a transaction price for a mid terrace of £80,000 in 1996 on Duckett Road. But the valuation office will refuse it because it doesn’t fall within 1991-1993.



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