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A year ago I buried a set of keys and now cannot locate them! Anyone have a metal detector I can borrow? 

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Without asking the obvious I would also be interested in its use for half an hour in the autumn. We have a small allotment at the back of the garden and I have dug up a couple of old coins. Would be interested to see if there are more down there...

What coins did you find? 

I found a 1912 vintage silver threpenny bit with a small drill hole as though worn as a necklace, and a half penny that I cannot see if it is Edward VII or George V.

I wonder how they were lost, and if they were missed- three pence was not an unsubstantial sum in 1912.

The curious thief!?

I suspect they had them in their pocket while gardening... At least that is how I can imagine it.

Hello Aggie, l have one! It was my son’s but don’t think we ever used it. Have no idea whether it works or not but you’re welcome to try it. I’m on Seymour. 

Brilliant! Thanks. Can I come and collect it anytime soon? 

Yes, I'm around tomorrow. Have sent you a connection request.

Oh dear - I don’t know how this works...i don’t seem to have received anything. Apologies and help!! 

Do you know what make and model the detector is?

Sandi - am confused about how this site works!! ‘‘Colinloves’ has offered to come to help as he does this often. Will hope to hear from him...

Im a Metal Detectorist, so I can offer my services.

Metal detectors aint as simple as people think.  Even tho my one is pretty simple.  Theres alot more to it, than digging a beep.

My services are free.
I normally have an arrangement that I find the item you lost and anything else is mine (with a mind to it being given to the local museum, if important).  Otherwise its a 50/50 split.

My prime interest is local history, rather than the value in me pocket.  Our museum lacks social history and I intent to change that (slow as it might be).

Hit me up with a connection, if interested :)



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