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Met Police contacing local commuity groups about the Met's 'Turnaround Plan'

It looks like someone at the Met has realised that not only do things need a shake-up, but communities need bringing onside.

Our mailbox this morning included an email with the following message:

This plan will hopefully bring about a big change in policing so that we can deliver a better service to you. It is definitely worth the read and there is also a link to a survey within this link so that you can share your thoughts about the plan.

The link to both survey and plan is www.met.police.uk/notices/met/the-turnaround-plan-more-trust-less-c....

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This is laughable. It is a great Wish List but with no costings and numbers included it seems meaningless. This then means police can say limited resources mean they can only deliver a limited service. They want you to take a survey to give your approval . A waste of time and a bit naughty. Very limited police resources and so a minimal service are the reality that we are dealing with.



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