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Well, I'm surprised. I've always found them to be friendly and helpful even though it's obvious that I'm not a professional electrician but just drop in for a light bulb from time to time.

I hate giving bad comments about a small shop as the person could have had a bad day, as we all do,... but I'm afraid I had the same experience Farah....I opted for not buying anything after the gentleman was rude to me.  

Sorry you had a bad experience, but when I've used them, I've found rather the opposite. It feels like a family firm and they've always been very helpful and friendly. I had to return a switch I'd bought there because I needed something with a slightly thinner profile. They were very helpful and exchanged it even though I'd opened the packet and tied fitting it.

... they've always been like that... I haven't been back since 1988... lol

Medlock are a big player in the wholesale market.

Used to be in the trade. I quite like them, I can give a really big list of those I don't like. If you go in and ask for exactly what you want in the correct terminology then you get good service from wholesalers, if you ask for a thing that is a bit like x then you tend not to.

Ive just had a call from them and had a frank and honest discussion. It led to a heartfelt apology from the manager (who was off when this happened) and a refund for the full cost of the mistake they made, and a  promise to deal with how the complaint was handled when I returned. So I’m actually going to take down this complaint now. When business takes  responsibility for their mistake and tries to  make amends that’s a demonstration of integrity. 

Good result and glad to hear they responded in a positive way.  With the high street in turmoil I'm amazed whenever I hear about bad customer service, shops need to be doing everything they can to keep customers coming through the door.  Glad you reached a resolution and thanks for the update.  

Well done for changing the content of your post and reporting on Medlock's response. Integrity points all round!

Hi Hugh and Liz, sorry but my comment does not have anything to do with Medlock. I’m just writing too thank You for re;enstating my HOL, because for some unknown reason I stopped getting my regular Friday update, I did try to contact You but never got any reply. So I was pleasantly surprised when this edition came to my email. Thanks once again.     Eddie 



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