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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In a night of exceptional election results, the Lib Dems completely overturned the Labour majority in Haringey.

The Lib Dems vote rose from 7,323 (12%) in 2014 to 22,865 (31%) this year.  The Green vote rose from 9,669 (15%) to 13,443 (18%). 

Labour's vote fell from 30,757 (48%) to 22,158 (30%), whilst the Conservative vote fell from 7,159 (11%) to just 2,307 (2%). 

The turnout last night in Haringey was 49%, up from 46.5% in 2014. 

The full London results are attached. 

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The results here and in London are much as i expected. Across the country though, it shows how devided we really are. Interesting.

It still means we're likely to have to jump off the cliff without a parachute in October tho'. Whats left of the Government are all going to lerch to the right in the leadership race to out farage Farage, and i just dont see the EU reopening negotiations.

Time to start stockpiling????

Nationally it does look fairly evenly split between leave supporters and remain supporters so not really any shift since the referendum. 

Glad my vote made a difference. Comrade Corbyn and May have each destroyed their respective parties. It's all incredibly ironic as Corbyn is a closet Brexiter and May - a reformed Remainer...

Worth pointing out that once tallied, the pro-Remain vote exceeds the Leave vote (not counting any pockets of remain intent within either Lab or Con) so the remain vote is simply more fragmented and partisan... 

Ah well, that's it for tuition fees kids. Get used to the government owning you.

That moment when voters suddenly realized that a minority coalition partner compromising on tuition fees was not the worst possible political sin in the world.

On a small Turn Out. Less than a General Election

Joys of most Electorate voting on Party Lines and Not for what a MEP can possibly achieve

Hi All,

I just wanted to add a thanks from all of us at Haringey Liberal Democrats to everyone that voted for us last week, whether you are a natural Lib Dem voter or voted for us just for this election we genuinely really do appreciate it.

We were delighted to win 3 MEPs for London and particularly thrilled to see our friend and neighbouring Cllr colleague Luisa Porritt get elected.

We are a small party here and its impossible for us to reach into every ward but our 15 Cllrs and our dedicated team of activists were out every night delivering leaflets and talking to residents. I spent quite a lot of time in Harringay and had a very warm reception.

Whilst its great for us to see this result we absolutely can't make any assumptions about future voting intentions.  We will continue to work hard across our held wards and in as many places across the borough as we are able to.  

with very best wishes

Cllr Tammy Palmer

Liberal Democrat Cllr for Crouch End

Liberal Democrat Tottenham Parliamentary Spokesperson

Bear in mind that Hornsey & Wood Green is one of the most volatile constituencies in the country (I can’t speak for Tottenham). From a fairly safe Conservative seat in the 1980s (Hugh Rossi), it went to Labour (Barbara Roche) in the 90s, to LibDem in the 00s (Lynne Featherstone) and back to Labour from 2015 (Catherine West), with the lowest Cons/UKIP vote in England. Although West looks pretty unassailable given her strong pro-EU credentials, anything is possible in these fickle times. 



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