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Massive Cuts to Haringey Libraries on Way - Feed in to Consultation to Say No!

Happy New Year folks.

Massive cuts to Haringey's libraries and library services in the pipeline.

Can I remind Haringey locals that the library 'consultation' ends on Jan 14th. (It was put out with appalling timing on 14 dec) this means 30% cuts to a number of our lovely libraries - some days will be closed, staff cuts, possibly unstaffed, safety issues, a self service model which could lead to closures.
PLEASE feed in online or there are paper forms on library desks.
The consultation is weird, non specific, asking us to priroitise massive budgets - quite manipulative but so please put in your answers about libraries.
ALSO please write to Emily Arkell, councillor for libraries emily.arkell@haringey.gov.uk and leader of council Peray ahmet too. peray.ahmet@haringey.gov.uk also CEO of council andy.donald@haringey.gov.uk
The timing of this is sneaky too, possibly illegal cos of holidays, but trying to find out the veracity of that.

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It would be easy for LBH to close down and sell off some of the libararies. They are resisting doing that. At times of huge cuts as for the past 14 years, preserving at least the buildings, by cutting hours, means that when the golden dawn arrives and there is proper funding, we still have the buildings so they can bring back services. Probably similar applies to other services.  'No newspapers' is depressing. We have of course lost most of our community centres and there is +/- nowhere to hold meetings of more than a handful of people. At least libraries can do some of that, though expect fat charges to do that will come soon. 

I'd quite like to know how much extra revenue from Council Tax LBH has gained from the 1000s of new dwellings across the borough, eg at Tottenham Hale. Allowing that expansion must be tempting for a cash-strapped entity.

Roll on the revolution.



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