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Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website has simple instructions on how to make a very decent face mask. I have made two so far.

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You mean this one?

Most masks are made in China

From their own videos, staff are handling masks without protection

Lets hope that UK can come up with Masks in the very near future

Is anyone able to provide some for people who don’t sew/have sewing machines? I work in the nhs but obviously can’t take any from work due to shortages. There are times when I would like to wear a mask eg going to the shops and maybe on walks. And washable ones are perfect. Struggled to get anything online. Obviously happy to pay. 

The new advertiser (Harringay-based) - yellow strip at top - has some. Click through to their website. 

There is a lady making them for keyworkers in Haringey. She is @studio1ceramics on instagram.

Hi there

Maybe worth saying that there are two sorts of masks; those to protect the wearer from external sources of the virus (priority for carers and key workers) and those to prevent the wearer spreading the virus without realising because it can take two days or more for an infected person to show symptoms (remembering not everyone gets same symptoms - see https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=661&v=VD1oNX_L6eU&...). The former need to be well fitting, part of protection that includes eye protection etc and carefully “donned” and “doffed” so the virus that might land on the outer surface doesn’t transfer itself to you. The latter can be more homemade as it needs to stop your “droplets” getting onto another surface where it might stay for several days (hence need to wash hard surfaces) or into the air where they MIGHT dehydrate and say airborne.   So folded tea towels with rubber bands maybe with a piece of kitchen roll is actually not ridiculous as a concept.    There’s still loads of debate in the scientific literature on it but for those interested see this https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/369/bmj.m1435.full.pdf (BMJ stuff COVID-19 free at moment) and this http://apiindia.org/wp-content/uploads/pdf/corona-virus/review-arti...

And handwash and keep distance too of course but should have said. 

There is no time for debate.  Why would anyone hesitate to take advantage of even the smallest chance of wearing a mask that just may protect themselves and others.  Keep debating the merits while people are dying?  Madness and typical of the stupidity here in the west.

I have ordered some nice ones on etsy.com from a woman locally: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AfroPuffLtd?ref=yr_purchases&secti...

Unfortunately they haven't arrived because Royal Mail has stopped delivering mail to our street. But for those who can get mail, I can recommend this Etsy seller. I have ordered custom-made dog bandanas from her before and she has a lot of nice fabrics and patterns. 

Unfortunately most masks aren’t fit for purpose, and offer very little protection. And of course an awful lot of people aren’t wearing them properly either. I still never go near anyone wearing a mask, although they often seem to think it’s ok to make a bee line for me

Don't worry tigha, once my masks arrive I'll stay far away from you. 




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