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It looks pleasant enough and unlike my first place in West Hampstead, it does have its own bathroom (I guess in that cubicle off the kitchen area). It may be great if you're starting out and want a foot on the property ladder, or if you want a London pied-à-terre, but nevertheless, three-eights of a million quid for what is essentially a very nicely done bedsit is still cause for a bit of a retake.


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Attractive pad.  It looks similar to my old flat in Russell Court, WC1, and they're selling for £300,000-ish.  Why do they never give square footage?  It's essential where flats are small.  There is a floor plan but it's tiny.  Also, the agent's details simply say it's on the 10th floor.  The 10th floor of what, though?  And it doesn't give much info about the area.  I'd never heard of Mary Neuner Road but I learn she was a Labour Haringey Councillor in the 1990s.  A bit more history from the agent would help a buyer who is not familiar with the area.

They do: 435 sq ft / 40 sq m

There is a picture of the block it's in.

Actually looks ok to me. Smaller than my first flat but well laid out and decent storage space. I wouldn't call it Harringay though, it's in an industrial part of Wood Green!

Definitely not Harringay. Wood Green, or Hornsey Park; you takes yer pick.

Nice view and layout but why so much space for the kitchen?! And only two counter seats, not even facing the view, to enjoy all that cooking.

my first place was a 1 bed flat with a huge kitchen. I miss that kitchen... especially the walk in pantry.

I like big kitchens! If the kitchen is a separate room, it can have the table, too, so it can function as a sitting socialising area. What I find disproportionate is an open plan kitchen with appliances and kitchen cabinets big enough to service a family, rather than a couple, which is the maximum number of people the flat is aimed for. 

The old Gasworks Site on Clarendon Road where I was born 

It looks pretty well thought out for the size of it (although obviously not cheap). Looks like the bedroom part can be closed off as well.

That whole area is pretty dead though. There doesn't seem to be any shops or anything as part of the development and not much else in the area apart from Goodness.

What about The Chocolate Factory 



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