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Marks and Spencers Food Hall To Open Where The Old Big Post Office Was - Green Lanes, Harringay

Finally M&S is coming to Harringay! 

It’s been so overdue, they have the best tasting fruit by far out of all the supermarkets, great news.

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My bad! Ah ok, that's better news. Thought it was dodgy place opposite Mcdonalds.

Do you know why Dobar is always so full and packed? Is the food really that good?

Fantastic food but not cheap. I think you might have had Rakkas in mind!

I've been and the food isn't bad. Not really my taste (lots of big stacks of pancakes adorned photogenically with fruit, and baked beans served in tiny saucepans). I'd look on their Instagram rather than menu to get an idea of what they're about. 

I have just looked at the menu and it’s basically dishes you can make at home with everyday ingredients?

Eggs, bacon, pancakes?!? Hash browns?!


Totally perplexed and I suppose intrigued to see why it’s so popular?!?

Most restaurants cook things you can make at home - the point is you don’t have to

It just sounds like a breakfast cafe…. It’s pretty simple to make scrambled egg on toast!

Anyway, it’s always packed in Manor House so they are doing something right

Hello lovely Neighbours,

Just an update: we are currently undergoing a major refit in the premises hoping to bring you all an uplift in the area. We will be opening a brasserie with our current business trading in Manorhouse (Dobar). Bringing you a sister company in the heart of our beloved Haringey which I have lived here since 1994.

We will love feedback from you all not only feedback with the food we will be cooking but also safety and security in the area too.

We have noticed unusual activity in the phone box outside the premises including drugs and sexual activity, which has been recorded.

Are we able to work together in pushing for this to be removed or can you direct us on the best point of contact. We have supporting evidence with this and prepared to take legal advise.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me via email: info@dobar.co.uk

Warmest regards,

Onic Bozoglu

Haringey have opened a survey to find out which disused phone boxes people would like to see removed.  You can access it using the link below


Hope not another Turkish restaurant we got so many of them now and something new would be much appreciated. 



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