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Word is the owners at Maqsood News are looking at taking on the Harringay franchise for the Crown Post Office, which the latter organistion is looking to close down at its current location. For those that don't know, Maqsood News it's located a few doors down from the current PO.

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I'm sure they would be able to run it efficiently, but given the usual queues of 10 or more people in the main PO it would get pretty crowded. 

They'll take out the gondolas at the back and general store items I'd imagine

Customers could order a pint from the bar next door ... while waiting in the queue at the Maqsood PO.

I'm wondering if they will have to get rid of the drugs paraphernalia counter and the massive bongs if they are to become a post office?

I don't for one minute think that they will be able to deal with queries about relative sizes of parcels versus weight and price, and have the patience to measure the parcels for the correct dimensions and at the same time deal with the queues for oyster cards, stationary newspapers, magazines and food.

What about pensions and benefits payments and queries, many people use the PO for banking and savings how will they support that, there's payments of bills and all the queries associated, not to mention vehicle registration and paying for/ issuing tax discs, there's also the passport checking service, insurance and bureau du change. Will there be experts on all of these?

Will there be seats for elderly customers or a private room to get individual advice? Will there be room for the queues that form during busy periods? Will there be space for the large scales for oversize parcels and for the storage of hunderds of items awaiting collection? Will they have time to explain to customers with special needs? Will they have adequate accessibility for disabled?

Would you entrust them with all your Christmas parcels for the safe keeping and storage until collection? Would you trust them to find the cheapest way to post these parcels to global destinations?

Any old shop can sell books of stamps particularly if they think they can make some money, but can they take over all of the functions of the post office? If they can't then the people who really need these sevices are the ones who are going to loose out.

Hmmm mixed opinions about this. Good that we would still have somewhere to do postal stuff but my experiences of newsagents cum post offices to date have been awful. I hope it will be better the seventh circle of hell aka stroud green post office, and the one on Grosvenor Street.

If this goes ahead I really hope they will take business mail.  I have a royal mail business account and drop post off daily. I know a few other businesses who have been in a similar situation where their main post office has closed and a franchise takes over and they can refuse to accept business mail.

When I was in the Post Office on Monday, a staff member was telling an elderly couple to go to Maqsood News for the service they required as the post office charges but Maqsood don't.  Not sure what the service was, looked like topping up a card of some sort.  But the point being, they are already sending their customers over there.

As said I'm sure maqsood will be very efficient as they always have been for so many years. But yes they will need to make room

This will be an absolute disaster for many people who use the post office. Leaving aside whether Maqsood would be good at running a post office (their shop is not exactly a model newsagents or the hub of the community) This crown post office is public property. Unlike the royal mail which was sold off and is now a private company Crown post offices are owned by us.

So you might not care about that - you might care to see what happened in Wood Green where the post office has been moved to a counter at the back of WH Smiths - not a roaring success by all accounts.

Over 1000 of our neighbours have signed a petition protesting against this. Come and hear what the community is saying on Tuesday, March 7 at South Harringay School, Mattison Road.

Speakers will include MP for Tottenham David Lammy, Labour Councillor for Harringay Ward Zena Brabazon and union representative Andy Furey.

 A big thank you, it is important that as may people as possible attend the Public meeting on Tuesday 7th March at South Harringay School (see leaflet attached) where we hope to build on the magnificent support so far. All the concerns and questions will be answered by those that have been battling these closures for years. Also why a 'boycott' campaign has thus far kept the Crouch End and Muswell Hill Crown Offices open at their current locations. There will be an explanation as to why a downgraded service shoehorned into a newsagents or elsewhere would be a disaster for the public, businesses and the hardworking staff! So please do your utmost to attend and encourage others. Thanks. 


On a slightly different note, I recently discovered that collections from my nearest postbox have been reduced to one per day - at 9am. I'm not sure when it changed, possibly when it was re-opened following the re-opening of Wightman Road.

Which means if you are using First Class postage and want your item to be delivered the next day, you should put it in the postbox either first thing in the morning, or two days before you want the item to arrive.

I don't know if this change applies to all postboxes in Harringay or just to my nearest one.



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