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Six mature trees with trunks over 1ft have been cut down on the Mcdonald's property. They have also pollarded many others (I'd be amazed if they survived the heat wave). 

Disgraceful to see large tree's being taken down in our borough so Mcdonald's can renovate. 

They feed people terrible food and lower our air quality. Utterly horrible of them to attack our health from so many fronts. 

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On their land. Down to them

Surprise me what people will eat and drink these days

Especially when We are told that people can not afford food these days

Just like the countless numbers of Zero scooter delivery  Riders. Delivering Fast Food at a average of £5-8 per order delivery charge 

It may be down to them, but it is ecologically deplorable. 

They now appear to have cut down the recently pollarded trees. Not content with driving rainforest destruction for beef farms, they have now brought their ecocidal practices to Harringay, shameful.

Councillors, what do you say about this? They may hold the current lease on the land, but it's our planet too.

Hearing the chainsaws and watching them work made me feel sick. 

They replaced the real grass in front of the building with plastic turf a few years ago, like a warm-up exercise for the tree project. 

McDonalds' website says that they are 'committed to protecting and restoring nature, from towns to countryside, and rivers to forests.' Only not in Harringay, it seems.

They are adjacent to a nature reserve. We are meant to be creating wildlife corridors, not destroying them for fast food. 

Don’t know about the grass, but they certainly grubbed out a perfectly healthy beech hedge  and replaced it with the fence that’s there now. 

Its all about money. Simple as. Low maintenance. That McD is likely a franchise, and the franchise owner is looking *only* at the bottom line - folks out cleaning litter out of the hedge, leaves from the floor, cutting grass etc is a cost.

So depressing that this is what it comes down to.

It's a business innit. The only way the franchisee will change her/his/its mind is to get legislation or local council regs in place or to make a public fuss about it (twitter etc).

I’m sure you're right. Apparently a McD franchise is a money machine. Though I’d be surprised if the franchise agreement isn’t hedged about with clauses relating to operating conditions. If it doesn’t  include environmental considerations, it bloody well should. One way or another, the buck stops at the door of the Golden Arches. 

The planning application was actually made by McDonalds Restaurants Ltd, from their address at 11/59 High Road, East Finchley, N2 8AW. The drawings on the  application are signed by Open Architecture, and include plans showing the car park area as well as the changes to be made inside the building.

No mention of any franchisee - this one has come right from the top.



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