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After 31 years in the force, the last 25 of which have been in Harringay ward, Glyn Kelly is finally hanging up his truncheon.

It's been an amazing gift, and I'm sure quite a rare one in 2018,  to have had the continuity of a real beat bobby on our patch for the past quarter century. Added to that Glyn personally has been a real asset. He's taken the time to get to know his beat and he's been a reassuring, friendly and competent presence.

As far as HoL has been concerned, Glyn immediately understood the role that social media could play in local policing many years before the Met's decision makers. He bravely went out on an organisational limb and joined Harringay Online very early in its life. Until he was yanked off it by his bosses, he made great use of the site and his story was shared across the Metropolitan Police (I'm sure helping to shape their eventual arrival at the Social Media party).

So here's raising a virtual glass to our long-time Geordie beat bobby. Glyn, thanks for everything and I wish you all the best in your retirement.

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Hear hear

Thank you Michael. you going to be at the Salisbury on Friday ?

Glyn has been absolutely brilliant. We have been so lucky to have him. Wishing him a lovely, well deserved and relaxing retirement. 

Thank you Karen it`s been great to know you and I hope you can make it to the Salisbury on Friday

All the very best! 

Thank you so much

My acquiantance with Glyn goes back before the time I had any public role.

When Valerie and I in 2002 found ourselves living next to a drug den, Glyn's was a constant and reassuring presence whenever the police were called out, which was often, to deal with offences ranging from the trivial to the very serious.

It was immediately obvious to me that Glyn had a real sense of vocation and general, and a devotion to our neighbourhood in particular,

Therefore, when the police set up the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and the accompanying Ward Panel (a group of people performing various public roles whose job it is to liase with that Team) it was with delight that I learned that not only had he been appointed as the constable assigned to our Team, but that indeed he had requested that assignment.

In the many years that have followed, Glyn has been more than a policeman; he has been a well-loved leader of our community.

One vivid memory I have is of the time when some of the parents at my children's primary school created a "crash site" of a spaceship one morning. When the parents and children arrived,  there was police incident tape around the site and Glyn was standing there in uniform, playing the role of the poker-faced PC at a police incident to perfection.

Whether on patrol or in reporting at countless meetings, not only of the Panel but also at the Ladder Community Safety Partnership, Glyn's knowledge and dedication has been there for all to see.

As he himself recently put it, he knows the neighbourhood as well as only a kid could have done, during those days when kids were able to roam about all day.

He is everything that British policing prides itself on when it gets things right. He is thorough, insightful and above all, humane.

I wish him well.

David Schmitz

Councillor, Harringay Ward (2010-2014)

David I remember it well and is a cherished memory that not many people in my ex profession get to do

Thanks to Matt at the school and all credit to the father who did this to inspire the kids to some creative writing

A wonderful day

You have to be at the Salisbury on Friday. I insist. Can`t arrest you any more though

I wish he could stay here in Harringay but yes, he was a fabulous early member of this site.

Thank you John

Thanks Glyn and best wishes for your retirement.



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