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Has anyone else noticed the guy sitting in a van all day, by the canal on Burgoyne? He is playing loud music from his van (I can hear it in my house with the windows closed and curtains drawn!) - not quite sure what's going on with him and i'm not sure enough about approaching him to see if he's ok. Any suggestions as to what to do? He has been around since the weekend at least.

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And he won't get a ticket because the parking wardens are too timid to ticket people actually sitting in their vehicles. Take his photograph, that works for me.
Yeah i might have to take a stealth photo though - not sure he'd take kindly to it!
He has a van to look after. Honestly, once you clock their registration number and take a photo they're complete wusses. I'm usually subtle but not overtly so. Still alive.

From our faceboook page:

  • Sazzie Dee Depends what type of music he is playing... If it's happy songs, then he's ok, but just being a pain in the bum and if it's sad boring ballady songs, then he's probably about to top himself. :-D
  • Phil Mongredien They were pretty rubbish songs earlier. I was contemplating topping myself.


Posting the response below from Jono, Sgt in Harringay Safer Neighbourhoods team. Will add attachment when I 'm back at my desk. To contact the SNT, see our police page ( via public services tab below banner)

"Generally the council deal with noise nuisance however we will pop along tomorrow morning and if he's there have a word.

We deal with noisy vehicle stereos by means of words of advice or a Fixed Penalty Notice. We also give them a leaflet as attached below."
Jono's attachment (referred to above) attached with this reply.
@Jono: just out of interest, what do you suggest I do when this happens outside my house? Which it does frequently, especially late at night. I don't really want to go out and confront these people, and they stay for 10 - 15 mins, so not enough time to get the SNT round.. what's the solution?
Thanks Hugh. He appears to be living in his van. I came home to a booming stereo and beer cans outside his van last night. Am not keen to confront him but if your contacts are around in the evening they may want to have a word as he looks like a permanent fixture on Burgoyne.
Not really my contacts. Sometimes if they can't post directly, I do it for them. But it's the local police team for Harringay - all contacts on our policing page here. It may be an idea for you to connect with them directly?
Thanks will take you up on your suggestion.
If there are beer cans, the police might want to breathalyse him.

I would suggest that you make a note of the make, model, colour and number plate and if it becomes a persistent repeat problem then pass the details on to the Noise Nuisance people at the council and let us have the details. We can contact the owner and point out that we have had complaints from various residents in the area re the noise etc. We obviously don't reveal our sources. The council may have their own systems in place.

Following on from that if it's different people all the time then we would look at why they choose to park up there for that short time and see what can be done about that.

I hope that helps




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