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I was the wrong age to get swept up in the events of May '68. Which as I recall took time crossing from France and the U.S.
So I was wondering if and when we might be seeing similar mass protests by UK students - including from Haringey.

"Achinthya Sivalingam, a graduate student in Public Affairs at Princeton University did not know when she woke up this morning that shortly after 7 a.m. she would join hundreds of students across the country who have been arrested, evicted and banned from campus for protesting the genocide in Gaza."

"Sivalingam ran into one of her professors and pleaded with him for faculty support for the protest. He informed her he was coming up for tenure and could not participate. The course he teaches is called “Ecological Marxism.”

“It was a bizarre moment,” she says. “I spent last semester thinking about ideas and evolution and civil change, like social change. It was a crazy moment.”

(Quotes from the Chris Hedges Report:
Revolt in the Universities Apr 25, 2024

The article is illustrated with a cartoon titled Where Have All the Flowers Gone - by Mr. Fish.


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As this is an important issue which many people feel strongly about, I am stepping back. I feel that if people on HOL want to discuss this here, it is certainly not for me to interfere. 

Christopher I was certainly not suggesting you or anyone else stepped back. In fact  I'm keen that people keep talking.  With mutual respect and empathy trying to understand and value one another's viewpoints.

I saw a brief TV discussion about some Muslim voters said to be deserting Labour because of feelings about Starmer and Gaza. A "spokesperson" named Steve McCabe was shown saying that Labour simply had to have:
"... bigger and better conversations with Muslim families around the country. We need to understand their distress about Gaza. But they need to have a better understanding of what Labour's position actually is."

Personally I'm hoping that David Lammy and Catherine West our two MPs might decide to have bigger and better conversations with human being residents of Haringey. That perhaps Catherine and David need to share their own distress and plans with us about people in and near Gaza being bombed, slaughtered and maimed in what the ICJ called plausible genocide. 

5th May - I;ve been reading some of the follow-up to the elections.

Apparently some of the voting was:
",,, Gaza related" and "a backlash" ... "an apparent revolt against Labour's Gaza position."

Keir Starmer, said he was “concerned wherever we lose votes”, but that Labour was picking up seats where it needed to."

For Labour campaign co-ordinator, Pat McFadden, Gaza had been “a factor in some places”, with “so many innocent people being killed I’m not surprised people have strong feelings about that”.

To be fair,. Yvette Cooper MP was more honest and explicit.  She said clearly that "tens of thousands of people have been killed."
But none of these once ago members of a Socialist Party spoke of being personally sickened by the thought of 1.4 million people crammed into  Rafah - still being threatened by possible bombing and ground attack.



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