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I was the wrong age to get swept up in the events of May '68. Which as I recall took time crossing from France and the U.S.
So I was wondering if and when we might be seeing similar mass protests by UK students - including from Haringey.

"Achinthya Sivalingam, a graduate student in Public Affairs at Princeton University did not know when she woke up this morning that shortly after 7 a.m. she would join hundreds of students across the country who have been arrested, evicted and banned from campus for protesting the genocide in Gaza."

"Sivalingam ran into one of her professors and pleaded with him for faculty support for the protest. He informed her he was coming up for tenure and could not participate. The course he teaches is called “Ecological Marxism.”

“It was a bizarre moment,” she says. “I spent last semester thinking about ideas and evolution and civil change, like social change. It was a crazy moment.”

(Quotes from the Chris Hedges Report:
Revolt in the Universities Apr 25, 2024

The article is illustrated with a cartoon titled Where Have All the Flowers Gone - by Mr. Fish.


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1967 photo by Bernie Boston from march in Washington.
r/HistoryPorn - "Flower Power" - the famous photograph by Bernie Boston that shows a Vietnam war protestor placing flowers into the rifles of National Guardsmen at the entrance to the Pentagon, 1967 - [1800x1200]

The spread of student protests in the U.S. continues to amaze and astonish me. Until now the most inspiring speech I've seen was from Naomi Klein - the author, teacher and activist. She was one of those who spoke at a "Seder in the Street" in Brooklyn on 24 April. It was included in the regular and long-running website reporting of "Democracy Now".

For those who might not know, a Seder refers to the celebration of the Jewish Passover holiday.  I don't remember Naomi Klein beginning a speech or other writing by mentioning the prophet Moses. Nor have I heard anyone else spelling out the linkages between ecofeminism; humanism and human liberation; avoiding climate disaster;  and opposition to militarism and genocide.

People may agree or strongly disagree with her many books and campaigns. But my feeling is that the widely available media tools now available across the globe mean that millions of us can watch these events as they unfold. The phrase 'a better future is possible' may seem a cliché. Watching and listening to Naomi Klein's words to the young crowd gathered around her - and to us their wider audience - encourages hope that it's true.

Well this is the speech which hits the nail on the head. An important warning.

  • I agree Gordon, And I'm glad that Naomi Klein has brought us together for at least with part of this wider group of linked issues.

Wrong speech Alan. Bibi's warning is clear!

Gordon, let's see if I got this right?
I wrote a post on student protests about Gaza in the U.S.A.
Then about a speech by Naomi Klein in New York which was posted online 4 May 2024.
I gave different clickable links for these so that anyone interested can watch and listen and and even download files themselves and make up their own minds.

You then posted a comment - without a new link online - which I mistook for your view that Naomi Klein's speech  "hit the nail on the head". and was "An important warning".
Now you say that the speech and "the warning" you had in mind was by Benjamin Netanyahu.
Could I please ask if you are able to post on HoL an internet link to this particular Benjamin Netanyahu speech.
Putting aside any warnings from "Bibi!" I'd also be keen to know your own thoughts and priorities.
Gordon Farcas,speaking as as human being who has empathy with others of our kind. Would it be, for example, a ceasefire by all parties? Seeing all hostages go home?  As well as stopping the killing  and wounding, would you wish to see sufficient emergency medical and food aid taken into the Gaza strip? Rebuilding and repairing for example homes, hospitals schools and other facilities. Anything else?

Hello Alan. The link to the speech was in my comment above. It is still there. Click on the word speech in blue and you'll be taken to the speech on Twitter.

Apologies Gordon. I didn't spot the link..
I hope you noticed that Netanyahu was factually corrected by Senator Bernie Sanders' version of events.

"The spread of student protests in the U.S. continues to amaze and astonish me."

It doesn't astonish me. It isn't too hard to dig into this all and see that there is considerable funding from George Soros affiliated and other NGOs.  The "protestors" are the usual retreads I've observed since End Apartheid In South Africa, Occupy Wall Street, George Floyd and so forth.  You may have noticed their signs are all preprinted and their tents are all the same and they know when to lock arms in unison = funding and training.

Those retreads are coupled with the Useful Idiots who effectively are sporting that excellent button, t-shirt or bumper sticker of mockery, "I Support the Latest Thing."

The reason you haven't seen it at the UK universities yet is first because the funding isn't there to hire the professional malcontents and miscreants. 

Also, in America the universities are giant properties controlled by the complicit accomplice university administrators.  All universities here but Oxford to some extent here are just a series of buildings in a city or town, so those Useful Idiot protestors don't have the Marxist school administrations to shield them from the local police. 

Finally, it is an election year where the left wing of the Uniparty (the "Labour" wing) is set for a decisive victory. Having the anti Semite, malcontent morons ripping up the UK all summer like they are the USA might impact that outcome and the powers that be can't let that happen. It must be contained to weekly Jew hate fests in Central London by the worthless illegal immigrants that my near 50% tax rate finance.

Nor have I heard anyone else spelling out the linkages between ecofeminism; humanism and human liberation; avoiding climate disaster;  and opposition to militarism and genocide.

I'll do so. You Marxists pretend to actually care about these matters but they are merely pretexts to increase authoritarian power. Like your Global Warming hoax, what better way to increase power and restrict freedom and liberty than to control the air and water? 

So here is the linkage you seek; a single sentence from one of your greatest leaders, Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals, which is basically the playbook of the American Marxists:

“The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

Thanks Mark, for the last line's clue. As you had a fake  quote from Saul Alinsky I'm guessing the rest was also a spoof.
What Naomi  Klein said in her speech in the Seder in the Streets in New York was a contribution to this vital transnational debate. And perhaps a small part of the efforts to bring home hostages and avoid further mass murder - this time in Rafah.

This discussion forum is "Harringay Online". Why is a global issue - US student demonstrations against what is happening in Gaza - being entered for discussion here? This a local area group, not a section of "social media".

You make a fair point, Christopher Fowler. As you may have seen, it was also my own initial response when I saw the request for people who live in Haringey to sign a petition asking Haringey Council to support the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. But I changed my mind when It became clear that the horror of the 7 October murders by Hamas was followed by the multiplying horrors of the succeeding months.

I've since tried to follow and read the history and background to these events and inform myself. From time to time I've also posted links on HoL to materials I found particularly useful and informative.  I have accumulated a small library of books, downloadable articles and videos.

P.S. Currently Pluto Press are giving a free ebook copy of:
The Palestine-Israel Conflict- A Basic Introduction"



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