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We're looking to buy a second hand Maclaren, ideally one the reclines so I think Triumph or Mark II. Would rather buy locally if possible.... also after a backpack to carry a toddler hiking. 

Thanks, Fiona 

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Hi Fiona,

I can help you with backpack to carry a toddler hiking.

We bought a top of the range Phil and Teds backpack and then only used it once or twice. It is a really decent one with lots of padding and storage space.

Can you please message me if you are still interested?



Hi Rob
Sorry for the late reply - somehow missed this. are you still looking to sell and how much for? We are actually heading to Peaks this weekend, so let me know tomorrow if you think a sale/pick-up could be an option. Thanks a lot, Fiona
HI Fiona,
I am only seeing your message now? Are you still interested in the backpack?
I have sent you a connection so I can direct message you.
I am thinking of listing it for sale in HoL.



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