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Surprised this hasn't been posted up here and wonder if the recent lack of posts on the LTNs means that people are getting used to them.

An interim review of the LTNs is here:


It's nothing too surprising. Traffic way down on roads in the LTNs. Sometimes up and sometimes down on the boundary roads. Not much impact on most bus services with a bit of an increase on West Green Rd.

Next steps are to tweak a few things and start the 18 month Experimental Traffic Orders again (I assume so that people can make formal protests again). Main change will be to allow Blue Badge holders through all LTN boundaries rather than just the one they are based in.


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“Traffic way down on roads in the LTNs.”

Incorrect, I’m afraid. We’re on Glenwood Road, in the St Ann’s LTN, and traffic is - as I predicted - markedly up on previous levels, and is also noted to be such, I understand, in the interim council report. This is, presumably, because the southern end of our road is an entrance / exit point from the LTN and so is used by far more drivers looking to enter or leave the zone.

For those on streets right in the middle, it’s undoubtedly two thumbs up; for me, it’s a disaster.

I agree. It's added 15min-20min to my journey time. Green Lanes is always rammed. You would think now that its the summer holidays and schools are shut that it would result in lower traffic which tends to be the case. Not so anymore however. Traffic is still the same regardless of term time(s). This is not improving the environment, it may be nice and quiet for some residents however for the rest of us its more noise, more pollution and more headache. 

I highly disagree. Since the introduction of these LTN's there hasn't been one day that I have not been stuck in traffic. It's added an extra 15min-20min to my journeys. I do not see this added time of journey any better for the environment. My cousin only last week spent an extra 30min on her bus journey, this route would usually take her 15minutes...it took her 40minutes.

No one is getting use to them, they are fed up with them.

It’s an odd way if looking at it, I think, to say that only West Green Rd has seen increases, as if those increases are insignificant, especially for those of us living on or around WGR.

I’ve lived locally for nearly 27 years now, and the increase to traffic in West Grn Rd is unprecedented. The queues heading west approaching the traffic lights at Belmont Rd used to amount to maybe 6-8 cars at busy times. Yesterday, I counted 25 cars and two buses, stretching back beyond Terront Rd. In the opposite direction, traffic is often queued all the way back to Green Lanes, a roughly tenfold increase.

My suspicion is that the traffic lights at Belmont Rd need rephrasing and haven’t been, as they only allow about 2-3 cars through at a time. It’s as if no one’s thought about traffic light phasing, though this doesn’t surprise me. 

There’s also no mention of the behaviour of motorcyclists. In my road, they can travel north to south through the filter because there’s only one camera and most bikes only have plates on the back. They are the worst offenders for reckless speed in this road, so there’s been no change there. Travelling in the opposite direction, they drive around the filter, sometimes up onto the pavement (neighbours have seen cars do this also, and I saw a van do it!) to avoid driving through the filter. I don’t know if this works, but it happens every day. I reported this early on in the process and was told that one camera was sufficient, and that vehicles mounting the pavement was, unbelievably, a police matter.

i would say that I’d really like this to work. We need to reduce car use, and for me personally, I make fewer short journeys as a result of the implementation of the LTN. But Haringey have simply shut down or ignored any requests for changes or accommodations, according to the published report, and have ignored or dismissed important issues, such as vehicles mounting the pavement and increased traffic in WGR. I would like to see them take responsibility for the problems that have been created and act to fix them.

very well put! Very much what I agree with living off WGR! Also, Haringey have very swiftly implemented those measures around various schools that have no eligibility for school streets as they are on boundary roads. I followed up with various parties like schools, governor's, Cabinet members, Cllrs and the council about implementation of safety measures for our children. Guess what the time frame for assessment and implementation (if ever to happen) is? 3 - yes, three!!! - years post implementation of the LTNs!!!!

My bus journeys are also taking longer, or the bus terminates early because it gets stuck.

My children find it impossible to get on a bus on West Green Road to go to school/college now. I was really hoping my son (with learning difficulties and other issues) would be able to manage getting to college on his own but I'm still having to drive him. We practiced and practiced the bus route together for ages and I was very proud that he managed a few solo trips before the LTN was introduced. Sadly once it came into operation he can't even get on a bus in the mornings, they are too full and crawl along west green road so he'd be late even if he could get on one.

I'm pleased the ULEZ is being expanded and I think more school streets will be implemented soon - I totally agree with both of these traffic interventions. However I feel LTNs just add to the traffic congestion and move pollution onto boundary roads, which are just as residential as all the other streets in Harringay and Haringey.

Sadly the council only seem to listen to people who think LTNs are a great idea.

Cue all the moaners on the wrong side of history complaining that their journeys, mostly single occupant cars, take a little while longer. Have a look at the news, guys. Hottest summer on record. Ever. Scientists think the Gulf Stream system could collapse as soon as 2025. Seas as warm as hot tubs. We are past the point of stopping the poles from melting. It's too late for that. Future generations are going to have a much harder life and huge socio-economic challenges than us. We have to use cars less. But you get on a forum and complain that your journeys are a little longer, eh? It's bigger than you and your small lives and the sooner everyone starts to work together instead of complaining about the relatively tiny impact the LTNs are having on your lives and the huge impact climate change is having on our species and the world at large, the better. 

Yeah but I'm still not sure how moving cars from areas of high occupancy to areas of low occupancy in a city of increased occupancy really helps reduce global warming. 

The point is to discourage people from using their cars in the first place. I love my car to bits and I love driving and yes there are longer journey times for when I embark on a decent length trip like my commute.

However, having never cycled in the capital before, due to being a scaredy cat, since LTN I do ALL my local journeys (school run, parcel collection, last minute grocery shop, Homebase) on a bike. Because you can now navigate a safe (and dare I say it, enjoyable) route with no fear of a boy/ girl racer bombing down a residential street.

That is the long term aim of the LTN and in my case it’s achieving those aims.

So my petrol guzzling car is being used less because of the LTNs and I’m pretty sure my story is not unique.

This is awesome news! And it's so nice to hear that you're using your bike more. I'm the same. I'm making more journeys by scooter or walking and trying to use my car less. This has included starting a new job soon local to the Ladder so I don't use my car at all to commute. If everyone did this, well, it's obvious there would be less traffic on the streets, on the LTNs and boundary roads and everyone would be healthier. I think it's so easy to forget that this is the main goal: less traffic, fewer car journeys and a fitter, healthier populace. I can happen! It really can!

lucky you that you can swap to a more local job! Just a question towards you: I've always cycled as much as I can (so not one that needed to trigger draconic measures upon all of us unfairly to reduce traffic). My husband, too. But occasionally, he needs to deliver goods for his business. He already gave up his van but can't avoid driving. What would you suggest in his case? Cargo bikes are no option due to it being larger items. I'm curious to say the least.

It’s funny; it’s like you never even read my post…



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