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Hi all,

Does anyone know precisely what the "except permit holders X3A" sign specifically means? To me, it's unclear who precisely is actually exempt. 

A section of the road that I live in is about to be closed off to cars and motorbikes, does the exemption apply to the entire road that is in LTN area, or close to the LTN area, ie your residents parking permit allows you drive through the no entry sign as the camera wlll detect that your permit covers the road you live in, or, is this exemption ONLY for the houses that are in the section closed off to allow those residents to access and park closer to their own properties? My instinct is that the exemption does not cover the entire road, and only applies to the closed off section of houses in the no entry section of the road, but I just want to check as I do not live in this section of the road.

Any explanations greatly appreciated!

Many thanks all


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If you are in West Green l suggest you get in touch with Councillor Seema Chadwany.

You have to apply for it so you won't be one unless you've applied. Criteria are here https://www.haringey.gov.uk/low-traffic-neighbourhood-exemptions

They generally relate to blue badge holders, carers, etc. If you don't meet the criteria you can't drive through the barriers and will need to take an alternative route. All addresses can still be reached by car. No roads are closed off.

As I am reading it, even if you are a resident you can't go through the signs unless you have a valid exemption i.e. blue badge holder/disabled etc. And taxis are also not able to drive into these LTNs either? So if I have a heavy case coming from the airport or if I am coming home late at night I will have to walk to my flat rather than being dropped outside it... seems a bit crazy to me?

As I said in the previous post "All addresses can still be reached by car." It might be a slightly different route but if you could be dropped off at your door previously then you can still be dropped at your door.

I wondered if Taxi’s, Bolt’s Uber’s etc have new and ongoing LTN info on the sat nav’s they use so I asked TFL who said they are not responsible for updating Google maps etc and that I should ask the council about LTN mapping. Does anyone here know who does this as I’m sure if Google maps brings someone into an LTN the council will not accept this and insist a fine is paid 

By all accounts it's a bit of a mess. From what I've been told Councils, etc can inform Sat Nav companies of the changes but the system is more centred around temporary closures (roadworks, etc) rather than permanent ones.

Google at least (and I would assume Waze) takes notice of user edits. I've flagged a couple of the LTN barriers in the West Green one on google maps to see what happens but at the moment Google is still directing traffic through the barriers.

For the other LTNs it took a week or so to catch up from what I remember.

Hi Sam, I think you’ll need a blue badge to get access to exemption under most routes through the process. My neighbour is applying for that first. You also need be aware that if you do get a X3A exception that wont allow you to pass through the St Anne’s LTN. That needs an X2 pass. I’ve know idea but I guess it might be possible to get both if you could prove the need.

Our boxes have been allocated, that it. I’m not trying to be offensive folks , I just prefer ‘box’ to ‘bottom of the sack’ (culdesac)



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