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Following the well attended recent protest against the LTNs, there is another (can't manage to post flyer)

Monday 7pm Heartlands School Station Road...full council meeting.

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Touché!!!  Hahaha!!

and your right Rory. Personally I hate the LTNs but I don’t see them being removed. 
The council said they’re here for 18 months and they won’t do anything before then. 
At the moment I feel it’s just like leaving the EU, It’s happened, suck it up and get used to it, However much you hate it.

But change is change, let’s hope this one pans out and we don’t end up with another Issy Kessy because those are the stakes, on both sides.

I wonder what excuse the councillors will use when they are invariably late for the meeting and stuck in traffic.

People blaming additional traffic on the LTNs is just unfounded. The reason there is traffic is because there are too many cars on the road, with a significant amount of single occupant drivers. These folks are sitting in traffic, idoling out fumes, or driving down side streets extremely quickly and recklessly to avoid the existing traffic. The LTNs keeps people from swinging wildly down side streets, endangering children / cyclists / pedestrians. 

And for those who says is unfair, there are exceptions - if you are disabled, etc you are allowed to use the access routes without bounds. 

LTNs are not the cause of traffic - overreliance on cars when we have an extremely well connected transit network are. The lack of safety I feel biking around this part of London is due primarily to the vehicles, especially the aggressive ones cutting up and down side streets in Harringay / off Seven Sisters Road. 

Protest something that actually matters, and not LTNs. Get out of your car its London. 

Very moralistic but no solution. Dealing with traffic requires a huge change in government policy. Finger wagging does nothing. We need a huge investment in public transport, a complete change in central planning so people don't have to travel long distances for education, work,childcare,leisure etc. But this is NOT going to happen, as Government here won't take on this responsibility. So, in the short term, local authorities have taken the initiative. But they can't make the necessary infrastructure changes, so the LTNs are, 100%, responsible for traffic chaos.

But Philip, they are a solution. LTNs reduce car use, stop the through-traffic passing through the borough and reduce pollution. That is precisely why they are enacted. This has been proven the world over, again and again. It's a way of dealing with traffic that's successful and tried and tested. Do a quick google: there are hundreds of peer reviewed reports backing this up. Protesting against them is protesting for continued car use and to continue high levels of pollution throughout the borough. It's completely counterintuitive to your health and to combat climate change.

  • The ones in Haringey don't do any of these things. You need to step outside and experience the actual reality rather than internet fantasy.

They do. And they will. Unless you can explain to me why these LTNs are somehow different to all the hundreds of others around the world. What's uniquely different to this particular LTN, compared to all the other LTNs, other than this one slightly inconveniences you? How closing dozens of residential roads in the borough to traffic somehow doesn't lessen car use and pollution. How evidence and logic somehow escapes this, particular argument. By the way, I have experienced the reality. They have impacted my car use and every so slightly increased my journeys. But I understand my small inconvenience is easily worth the larger benefit to my community, local and global. 

It’s changed my road completely. No longer any rat running at 40 miles an hour 

So happy to hear that, Joe. Please make sure you shout as loudly about this as others are doing to the council. 

its not fingerwagging - that's what you're doing. Reducing car use starts at the local level. Traffic will of course be bad but cities were never designed for every household to have a car and to move through them. We have strong transport links in Harringay and we can use them, This is the first step to disincentivizing car use. I just road  my bike from Green Lanes to Seven Sisters and I passed over 50+ cars, I counted only THREE that were not single occupancy. 

How is everyone driving a vehicle a solution? 

Obviously we need more investment in infrastructure, but this is a solution. and show me the evidence of 'traffic chaos' and then prove to me its due to the LTNs and I'll stop. 

To really incentivise, public transport should be free or v v cheap

Does that go alongside train, tube and bus driver pay rises? 



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