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Normally a 5 minute drive, it took me an hour of mostly standstill traffic to go to Wood Green recycling centre to drop off my broken old microwave after I ordered a new one online. As a result I arrived late at work.

Don’t act surprised if people are going to start dumping stuff on the street instead.

How about the LTN permit gets granted to parking permit holders? After all it’s the rat runners that should use the main roads, not the residents!

please sign the petition if you agree (google it)

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I'd be tempted to blame this on the seemingly never ending roadworks on Turnpike Lane personally. Anyone know why they have taken so long?

Around me there seems to be quite a drop in fly tipping now the LTN has come in. I guess you don't get people dumping stuff as they pass through.

Anyone know what these roadworks are for? Temp traffic lights been up on TL for weeks but no obvious work taking place, nor any workers doing anything? Same as the ones around the Hornsey Gate Finsbury Park entrance on Endymion Road. 

This is what the roadworks site has. Although I'm pretty sure they started quite a time before then. I suspect they will turn out to be the cause of a lot of the current issues.

Reference: YG51802141650
Status: Works In Progress
Works owner: TRA, 0845 305 1234, Web Site
Start date: 23/11/2022
End date: 16/12/2022
Description: TM Only - Temp Lights & peds for a missing pole due to UKPN works under permit reference EC30025102257 for Essential and immediate replacement or repair of multi-way link box to ensure safe and reliable power supplies.

As well as being aimed at through-traffic, the council are now being upfront that LTNs are aimed fair and square at behaviour change. The idea is to discourage us all from using our cars. Personally, whilst I support LTNs, I'd rather see them trialed with more exemptions for residents, tightening things later if necessary, but I don't see that happening. 

resident exemptions apparently don't meet TfL funding criteria as they are aimed at short journeys which are usually done by residents. Btw, just passing on the msg, whilst I support more environmentally friendly use of transport, I deeply detest LTNs as I don't believe they will lead there, hit vital car users, too and are simply only a money making machine.

That exemption-minimisation excuse won't, however, work for the scheme planned for the Ladder, since that is due to be funded out of local coffers. A great chance to try a different approach. 

wow, that's indeed astounding! That in times of great financial hardship Haringey manages to fork out money for that. Let's me think even less of this council which I didn't think was possible. And once again Tottenham got the sh... side of the LTNs with no resident exemptions, but when it gets further west, suddenly the council can treat it's residents better. 

Hugh, they were never ever aimed at through traffic, they are simply a mechanism enabling us to label our neighbours as rat runners!!. 

(A)- first find line bike (B) secure ? Microwave to said bike- extremely dubious . Oh , my bad , it was suggested in jest , sorry , slow on the uptake .

Is that your solution? Said microwave weights 20kg, making it unsafe to transport on a bike. What about even heavier items? What about disabled and elderly people? My 8 months pregnant wife? This scheme fails to consider that not everyone can simply walk from one side of haringey to the other.

great idea, especially in this weather and with Haringey's 'gritting quality'

In days of yore we wrote to the Council - or rang them if  we were lucky enough to own a telephone - and they would send someone to collect it.  This is a true story - believe it or don't.  But then in those days there were few cars and the councils were servants of the people, not the other way round, and Blackboy Lane was Blackboy Lane.



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