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New LTN started today. I was working at the beginning of Langham Road, and had a small job on Cornwall Road just off St Anne's. So instead of a two minute drive, I had to drive all the way along West Green Road to Duckett's Common, turn down Green Lanes and thence all the way along St Anne's.There was a long queue of traffic and it took twenty minutes. That's 20 minutes of wasted time, and 20minutes of additional fumes along the route. So the traffic is merely displaced to major roads along with additional pollution for the residents there. Not sure what the benefit is...

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Can’t find anything online about this; where did you hear it?

Next Door

‘Been reported’, or been speculated about on social media?

If you have a party that for decades just keeps staying in power they just ride roughshot over the views of their citizens. Public consultation is a joke, just a formality that has no worth. Time for a major change but the blind will continue to vote Labour in Haringey.

Did you look at the date of that article?

08 December 2021

Immaterial the consultation result is still the same.

I'm quite surprised there are so many people. 

I'm not surprised at all. The strength of feeling against this is huge. 

Really? What’s to love about another divisive platform. Surely, we should be seeking solutions that work for the widest possible group of people and not celebrating division. Haven’t the MAGA movement and all the other bipartisan stand-offs that seem to have proliferated of late taught us anything?

I understand how these folk feel, but i’d like the march to be the springboard for a solution not the spark that ignites more civil strife. 

I suggest not wandering over to NextDoor then where insults fly against anyone who is even mildly in favour. The comment quoted manages to be deeply sexist, insulting and a completely inaccurate portrayal of the proLTN people I know all in one. 



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