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New LTN started today. I was working at the beginning of Langham Road, and had a small job on Cornwall Road just off St Anne's. So instead of a two minute drive, I had to drive all the way along West Green Road to Duckett's Common, turn down Green Lanes and thence all the way along St Anne's.There was a long queue of traffic and it took twenty minutes. That's 20 minutes of wasted time, and 20minutes of additional fumes along the route. So the traffic is merely displaced to major roads along with additional pollution for the residents there. Not sure what the benefit is...

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The idea is that people stop driving and walk, cycle, use a bus etc.

When St Ann’s LTN started Belmont road was busy. Then it settled down and only really became the last 100 yards before green lanes. Today - it’s back up again. But I expect it to be back to a similar position to where we were before both LTNs before Christmas. 

The mayor of London and the councils are trying to encourage people to use buses but these same buses are stuck in the traffic. Yes its mad. 

Phillip, I’m no fan of LTNs and I’ve been allocated one, but I don’t see it being altered for at least 18 months, and probably never. It’s here to stay.

first - the council would have to repay a lot of money if it were cancelled early

second - it’s only what Hackney and Islington have inflicted on us just over the borders 

third - there are people who really like it! Can’t understand it myself.

But it’s here and that’s it. 
So long as traffic on the border roads drops to below pre LTNs levels, as promised, then it’ll be seen as a success. 

Getting to work is so much easier now the roads are quieter

If traffic on the border roads drops to below pre-LTN levels then it will be a success.

Seen any flying pigs yet ?

I'm at weird position regarding LTNs. One is that my road is now clear of traffic when before my road and all the roads near me were used as rat runs and at times it was getting stupid. We had cars screeching at speed around our roads, where there is a park that is used by families and children. So it has been an improvement for myself and the residents in my area. But also I have to drive for work and I've been stuck in increasingly bad traffic locally due to the LTN implementation. My opinion is a difficult one as it has improved my area, or should I say my local streets but it has had a knock on effect in terms of congestion. If I had the chance to vote on keeping our local LTN or getting rid of it I would vote get rid of it. You cannot improve the pollution levels by just making vehicles sit in traffic and drive further to get to their destinations. That is simply bloody stupid. Like a car driving in a city compared to driving on a motorway, that driver will burn more fuel and emit more carbon when stop starting than by driving continually. So the cleaner streets argument is a nono in my opinion. Displacing traffic from back streets and making the main roads car parks does nothing but make pollution worse for those unfortunate enough to live on those main roads. It's short sighted and like most things introduced by politicians is not the best way to progress. To use an analogy, if London is a body, then the last thing  that should be introduced is something that blocks its arteries. Free movement should happen until a better proposition is proposed.

The thing I noticed about the people campaigning for a LTN on my street, is that they are mostly car owners who make lots of short trips that they feel necessary to them. They want the benefits of a low traffic neighbourhood for their street, whilst being someone else’s neighbourhood traffic problem as they drive to the supermarket or visit their mother in law or drive the offspring to football practice or judo club. My point that you need to be the change you want to see, by not owning a car in a city or at least by not making short unnecessary journeys, was met with anger and several people left the WhatsApp discussion group out of fury that I would dare suggest such a thing. I find it baffling (and slightly hilarious)!!!

This seems strange because an LTN doesn't help those people. Residents also have to abide by the limited entry/exit points and can't pass through the barriers in other parts of the LTN so they are not good for people who want to make lots of short car journeys.

One of the council's stated aims in bringing the LTNs in and not giving resident exemptions is that they want to cut down on local car journeys.

I'm not a car owner but I make lots of short trips. I work 5 miles away in King's Cross and that's the longest journey I make most weeks. I collect my vegetables from the shed at the bottom of Downhills Park. I shop on Green Lanes and the WGR shops. Lots of short trips! 

My point was that they are doing the short trips by car. That’s the problem. Not people getting the tube or walking a few miles. 

I think car owners living in LTNs get the benefits as well as the inconvenience. They will be put off their short trips by car when they have to drive the long way round to the shop.

Though some people in LTNs want exemptions for people living inside LTNs. They think they should only stop rat running and not serve to discourage locals from driving. I disagree with this view!



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