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Bill Gates once observed “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,” but this week I realised that you should never underestimate the power of positive feedback to a small business to motivate and encourage them, when I saw this tweet from the small but perfectly formed Tottenham-based brewery, Redemption Brewing.

So, if you love something that someone does don't forget to tell them. Only takes a minute or two to send a tweet, drop them an email or even a good old fashioned letter or card.

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.......and don't forget to tell everyone else that you love them! Businesses thrive on recommendations (and of course where better to spread the word locally than on HoL! Like a local business? Tell us all about it!!)

*sigh* read the title Osbawn. While your frustration with Yasar Halim (which I have used for many years) is no doubt real and heartfelt, the aim of my post was to celebrate small businesses that we like and encourage people to share *with the small business* and with your neighbours what you like about them. Without them high streets become sterile or even die. 

Here I'll start.

I love Shamata. The food is good, the welcome is warm and its a business that is run by three young people that really care about quality and service. 

I had a brilliant haircut at Cocos and recommend the male hairdresser whose name I thoughtlessly failed to get when I was there.

I adore Redemption Beer from Tottenham. 



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