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I saw that the seemingly defunct Dogtas outlet is being gutted so I took a wonder inside to see what is happening. It is a shell, but I noticed these below on the wall, clearly something that will end up being covered up again. 

An interesting view of what it may have looked like a hundred years ago.


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I now have George Criaigen applying for an excise licence (probably to sell game) at 15 Grand Parade in 1900. This almost certainly makes him the original occupant of the premises. I can find no trace of him after 1906. So at some point soon after that date, it looks he sold up. 

I've dug around a bit more to find out about the occupancy of 13-15 Grand Parade (and for reasons that will become obvious have added 16). 

What struck me is that in spite of the turmoil that's beset the premises in the past few years, their first half century was actually pretty stable. 

George Craigen was one of the founder members of the Edwardian Harringay Traders Association in 1904 (and almost certainly the guy responsible for tiling the shop).

The Robert Gunner store was one of the early stores of what developed into a family London chain of what were essentially butchers stores. It amounted to 110 stores by the time it was sold in the mid twentieth century. (More on that possibly another time).

Occupancy matrix attached.


I still haven't managed to get in to take a decent photo, but snuck the one below with my phone through a hole in the plastic sheeting covering the windows.  Was the panel nearest to the front of the shop damaged when you saw it, Justin? I'm wondering if you took a 'creative' decision not to include that panel for the very reason that it was damaged.

Great shot either way Hugh. I did not have the wit to take a shot like this and yes I believe it was already  damaged and hence the more styled shot. I also was feeling like I should not be there so it was a couple of quick snaps and off!

That's a relief. I worried for a moment that it might be exploratory destruction. Have you seem anyone in there recently?

By the way Shefik Mehmet of the Harringay Traders told me the other day that the Co-op had struck a deal to move in there, but that it subsequently fell through. 

Hugh where do you find out all your information, I would love to find out about my grandads shops which he had on Green Lanes/ Grand Parade

Which were the shops?

My grandad had a pet shop, it started off on West Green road, on the corner of Harringay Road. Then it opened where krikoss is now, then later moved next to railway fields is. My grandad had all 3 shops where the hairdressers is now. 1 being a newsagents, and 1 being a pet shop

Yes I have the history of those premises back to 1892, before they were even numbered. I also have a not great photo from the 1930s. Do you have any info and photos about the period in your grandfather's stewardship?

My grandads name was Bernard Rumsey, think he took over the West Green premises in the 60s then was in Green Lanes/ Grand parade mid 70's till 88-89 when he sold up. He was in the paper a couple of times

I work as an engineer and Ive been involved in the re-development of this site. I took an interest in these tiles as well as im into historical architecture. They are old but I suspect that they are not original to when the building was built/or the original business that was there from the Edwardian era. These same tiles can be seen in other areas around the site as well not only on this wall. Im not sure what stage the project is at now, but unfortunately theres very little chance that these will be preserved and will most likely be destroyed if they haven't been already by now. 

Thanks for the comments Gene. At least we have the photo, so something of it will be preserved. 



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