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Looking for volunteers (w/travel expenses) for new houseplant shop


I'm a ladder resident with a houseplant shop soon to be 'popping up' in Angel/Old St from 8 February to 23 March 2019. I am taking a very short sabbatical from work to pursue a childhood dream!

However as I'm running the shop by and large alone and my interest in houseplants is still fairly recent, I'm looking for a green-fingered volunteer to help me out, anything upwards of a few hours once a week (especially on weekdays). In particular I'm looking for someone to impart care advice to customers, tend to the plants and, ideally, someone who can help with my houseplant knowledge during quiet moments. Please note it is a cashless business. 

Unfortunately, all I can offer by way of pay is travel expenses and heavily discounted plants. However if the shop turns a profit, I will calculate a share for your time. 

Thank you in advance. 


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As someone who loves houseplants and has a total weakness for things that grow - this is not a voluntary position. This should be a job. If you’re looking for someone who has expertise (hobby or otherwise) that you do not have, it should be a paid position- however dreamy it may seem to you. 

Exactly, you want someone to work for you and teach you for free !!!



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