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I'll be moving to the area next year and am looking for a spot for my (by then) 3 year old. 

Hopefully we'll be living in the ladder, and l've heard good things about Little Jewels. Are there any others that I should visit?

Thanks so much 

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We're pretty happy with Orange on Willoughby Rd

I can't speak to how it compares with others, but we have had two at Orange over the last few years and have been happy with it overall. Happy to have a quick chat at some point if that would be helpful.

Thank you, it is on the list!

It's hard to do this from afar (we are currently living abroad), so local knowledge is invaluable. 

Little Jewels is hard to top in my view.  Vlora and her lovely staff are so kind and patient and fun.  My son loved it there and it was the cheapest option at the time.  A win-win.

We also use orange and have been really happy with it - plus, it’s right by the station which helps! 

If you don't mind the walk, Creative Explorers is a great nursery. My daughter has spent two years there and has been very happy. Also you can try one of the school nurseries which are school hours, term time but have breakfast club/after school clubs. North Harringay Primary, South Harringay primary. There is also Woodlands. The last three do September intakes only (possibly January too). 

Do you want a nursery for childcare when you're at work (ie long hours, year round) or preschool?

I've had 2 boys at Eagle nursery on Green Lanes. One's just left for school, but they both started at 1. They have both been very happy there. 

Hi. A bit of both! I don’t need longs days as I work from

home and will have my older child from the end of school. But definitely all year round. 



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