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Hi folks,

I'm planning to paint the ceiling and landing over our stairwell and I'm looking for ideas of how to do this.

I've looked into hiring scaffold towers but they seem too wide for our stairs (75cm width). If anyone knows better, I'd love to hear!

Alternatively, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place I can borrow/hire a ladder and scaffold boards to bridge the staircase to do this?

I don't have a way of transporting such bulky things, so I'm a bit stuck thinking of ways of making this happen. Ideas would be appreciated.


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When we did work on our home we hired a ladder, from wickes I believe. They delivered and collected and it was very reasonable.
The guys in the hire shop at Wickes are really good. If you take a couple of photos on your phone they will give you good advice.

Thanks for that tip, Wickes is very nearby, so I can pop in and get a quote.

I painted the stairwell up to the ceiling recently (and also the ceiling in white), I managed to do most of it with rollers on extension handles, using very smal rollers on long handles to get up to the "crease" between wall and ceiling. I then used a small paintbrush tied to a bamboo to get a crisp edge at the "crease".

I didn't need a ladder or platform and I am quite short.

I like this idea, I can see how I can reach all but about a 6ft width with my arms anyway, so this might be the way to go. There's no repair work needed, so that's encouraging too. Getting the join right is the hardest bit, but I suppose it is only seen from a distance - even so you must have very steady hands!

I found that painting the ceiling first (large roller for the main part, then small roller up to the edge then paintbrush on stick) and letting the paint go into the crease and not worrying too much if a little went onto the upper wall meant that I only had to be really careful when it came to painting the very top of the wall, the top inch, with a small paintbrush tied to a bamboo.

A supply of good music helps.

Hi everyone and thank you all for your suggestions .

I successfully painted the landing over the weekend, without the need for ladders or planks or towers, but just using roller extensions and then the paintbrush-on-a-stick suggestion worked brilliantly - I reckon that the border line over the stairwell is straighter than some of the other bits that I could get close to, probably because I was reeeaaally focussed.



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