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Looking for kittens to adopt - (edited from original post 'to buy')

Hi All,

This is a strange time to get new pets but our lovely 10 year old pet cat died yesterday and we're desperate to get 2 kittens as soon s possible. Any suggestions / tips much appreciated.



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Hi Sara.  Have you thought about giving a home to a rescue cat?  Lots out there would love to meet a you.  Here’s a local rehoming organisation 


Thanks Michael - I'll check it out. Sara

Hi Sara.

How about adopting? We adopted 2 kittens from RSPCA 2 weeks ago.

Surprisingly I received phone call from them within 24hrs from my registration.

Most of the kittens won't be on their website as they have a waiting list for kittens.

Everyone above me on the waiting list wanted a kitten not pair so I was be able to adopt them quickly.

Some animal shelter might be closed because of current situation.

Good luck!

Please please don’t buy kittens. Lots of rescue ones out there, I’m sure, hundreds and hundreds get put to sleep every year as the rescue places can’t cope 

Thanks for your message.

Thanks for your message

That's good to know  - thanks for that. The RSPCA don't seem to be operating at the moment understandably - we may well have to wait till after lockdown. Hope your kittens are settling in well...

Totally agree with the other messages on here!! Get one from a shelter! There are so many that need a loving home. In fact I am tempted to get one myself right now if there are any shelters operating at the moment

Hi Sara -

Please dont be buying kittens. It encourages irresponsible breeding. There are already too many unwanted cats and kittens in shelters and local rescues. Adopt, dont shop.

thanks for your message



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