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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a recommendation for a company to tackle a facade restoration project.

Our house is not on the ladder (to the east), and has a square bay that is effectively a uPVC box on top of a brick wall. It should be a stone column bay (this is what our neighbours have), and we would like to restore that look. Additionally, our facade has been pebbledashed (and painted), and we would like to remove this and restore the brick facade.

Does anyone have a recommendations for a company to take this on?

Thank you!

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Hi, we had Kosta and his team at Evto remove the very thick pebbledash on our house on the ladder and they did an amazing job. The pointing is faultless and overall a great job. They've done several houses on the ladder now so you can see their work -  https://evtobrickwork.co.uk/

Thanks for the recommendation! Have sent them an email. The photos they have on their website look great, but unclear to me if they do stone pillar restoration - hopefully they do, or at least know someone who can.

You could try POINTING BY TONY WALLACE Tel: 0208 422 2868 Mobile: 07956 393 381
He did a house here on Morrison Ave N17

I've also seen this co working locally


Thank you. Essex brickwork have not responded to me yet, but I'll give Tony Wallace a ring.

I have used this team and can recommend for expert restoration work:   https://www.asapbrickwork.com

Thank you very much for the tip!

Jigsaw Brickwork.  I haven't used them but I have seen their brickwork on Ladder roads.  Not sure about stonework

Great article here https://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/article/before-and-after-exterior-...

we looked into it around 2008 - quotes varied between 7 - 23K, and I eventually gave up the dream.  Lost of companies removing pebbledash now, but never could find a stonemason to rebuild our bay window. Hope you have more luck, but one thing I remember was take moulds (with permission) from your neighbours to recreate the look.  



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