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Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying this sunny weather!

We're actively looking to buy a house in the area. We've been searching through the usually channels but haven't been able to find anything so thought I'd try HOL.

Ideally, we would like:

3+ bedrooms, South or West facing garden (good size), extended already or with scope to extend. Not asking for much I know! We've sold our flat and are completing at the end of September so are in a good position to buy.

We're pretty flexible but our favourite roads are all the ones between Raleigh Road & Duckett Road on the ladder. All the roads in the gardens and also Langham Road, Carlingford Road, Brampton Road, Glenwood Road, Harringay Road, Stanmore Road and Waldeck Road.

A long shot I know, but if anyone is thinking about selling their house (or knows someone that might be), please do get in touch.

Many thanks

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Don’t discount Wightman Road. Whole houses are bigger than the ladder roads most with large basements and decent sized gardens. Once you are inside your house the road isn’t a problem - you don’t even hear it. Good luck with your search. 

Thanks for the advice Karen. It’s more the railway line backing onto garden that has put us off Wightman Road. Do you know if this is noisy?

Here's some old threads about train noise in various parts, including behind Wightman. I'm sure Karen can provide an update.

For my money, train noise is a lot less intrusive than road traffic noise. I live at the top of Hewitt and I hear the trains in the distance (and occasionally, from an upstairs window see the steam and hear one of the pleasure trip steam trains that passes by). I find the trains completely unobtrusive. 

Thanks Hugh, that's really helpful.

You could try calling The Property Company - they manage houses that have been turned into HMOs - and see if they want to ask any of their current owners if they’d consider selling up. Long shot but might be worth a try. I’m thinking specifically 8 Mattison which could be transformed back into a beautiful home with a bit of TLC!

Thank you Gemma, I’ll definitely look into that. I’m getting some great advice on HOL!

Also, don't necessarily discount north facing properties from Beresford/Effingham Road and up at the top of the Ladder. The gardens are nor'-nor'-west facing and many will bake in sunshine at the time of the year when you want it.

I'd second that - we are close to the top of the hill on Mattison north/NW facing garden and get great sun!

I agree that north facing gardens are sunnier than you'd think, but I think it's not quote accurate to describe anything from Allison south as NW facing.

From Allison going south, the garden alignment is almost directly north-south. (My iphone compass shows the front of my house pointing 356 dgerees north. I have an uncalibrated sundial on the back of my house. Here's a photo taken just now, at 12:05.

Thanks Hugh, do you get sun in garden until early evening then?

In theory, but a nearby elder tree and a high fence means not so much in practice. 

Thanks Gemma, fingers crossed for lots more sunny days!



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