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Sorry, I can't remember the name of this shop on the corner - but it's for sale, along with the flat above it.

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Paul Simon aren't that bad; they're squeezing in 21 studio flats into this building, but at least they're maintaining its integrity externally!

21 "flats" in that space? More like 21 rabbit hutches. Hooray for Paul Simon - housing quality in action. And agree with andy h about the building where Mr Michli has his shop. Chances of it being retained (the outside appearance) and renovated are about zero, given how little Haringey Council cares about those of us living in the area. Just cram 'em in, build it high, rake in the council taxes.

 Andreas Michli has been in that shop with his family for 43 years and now no one in the family wants to take it over. He is a lovely man and the shop is full of intriguing food and odds and ends and he knows great recipes for everything. Before many Greek residents moved up to Potters Bar the shop was always full and there used to be parties and much happiness around. The shop is off the shopping track and so is not found by many people now and wouldn't attract buyers for opening other shops. There is so much Turkish development in Green Lanes and it is a great pity we are losing our Greek interest.There is room for a nice little niche development there but the building will not be treated as it deserves and will be turned into a hideous block of flats which all of us who live opposite will have to grin and bear. It gave great ambience to the neighbourhood and was one of the reasons I moved to my flat. Maybe time to go as well. 

OR - you never know. Someone with heart and soul may see its potential.  I will continue to hope !

YES. We need to send the advert on to people who might know someone. It will be sad to see them go but you're right, Andreas needs to retire and they both need a good break. But I will miss their smiles and their delicious groceries!

It wouldn't be of much use; this property has been under offer for some time.
Sad news.



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