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I'm repurposing some not too sturdy picture frames, The backs were originally secured using picture frame points.

I've more or less done one, but my point buggeration score, using a hammer and punch in place of the proper tool, was increasing the more I went on.

I know it's a long shot. But I thought someone locally might have been where I am now and had procured a point gun to escape the torture. Should that be you and you're willing to lend your gun to a fellow toturee, I'd be most grateful.

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Hi Hugh  I have a Lidl frame clamp, should u want to use glue instead


I now live in Harrow, but can bring it over.  Also have 45 degree guides. 

Thank you, that’s very kind. But I think that piece of equipment does a different job to the one I’m trying to get done. It looks like that one is to put the pieces of frame together. I’m looking for a piece of equipment that shoots flat nails into the frame to secure the back onto the frame.

Hi Hugh - I have a good quality and quite powerful staple gun, which can not only insert stapes but also small nails. I think this would be strong enough for a small or medium frame, and you could insert two or three nails close together to make the link stronger. I have a good supply of different dept staples, and the small nails. The staple gun is hand operated, and not electrically powered. If this might be OK for you, you are welcome to borrow it.

Thank you, Christoper. That's very kind of you. Could I contact you next week to arrange to come and pick it up?

Hugh - Please accept my apologies for being slow to reply. There has been some illness in our home (definitely not Covid-19) which has taken up our time. Now properly under control. If you want to contact me to arrange day/time to collect (Sunday, any time of day, is best for me as it allows me more time to pull out the stapler and the big box of different staples and nails for it. I'll leave you to either message me here, or you can ring me on 077 6217 7630, which is my cellphone, which I always have with me. Fingers crossed that the stapler can do the job for you. Very happy to loan it, as 99% of the time it sits with my other tools, unused.

Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry to hear about the illness. I found a heath-robinson solution which I think will do the job. But, I possibly have another project coming up for which I may take you up on your offer if its still open when I come to it. Thanks again.

Glad you found a "work-around" solution, and hope it works well. If you do have another project coming up, by all means get in touch, and you're more than welcome to borrow the stapler+staples/nails.



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