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Did you know London has 400 miles (about 640km) of waterways – from rivers to wetlands, streams and canals?

That’s the same distance as from Brighton to Edinburgh.

Since 2000, about 28 miles (45km) has been restored.

An interactive map, published as part of last week's London Rivers Week, shows where both the completed projects are and the much larger group of aspirational projects which include quite a few in the very watery borough of Haringey 

To see the map in detail click here and scroll down to the map

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Nowhere apart from Hampstead Heath and the serpentine is recommended for swimming though due to pollution   …


That's true but I don't think this map is about creating swimming spots. It's more to do with habitat restoration and creating cool spots in the city that can help with climate change. The knock on effect for us humans are spaces that will improve mental health as blue space has been shown to help with mood, help with flooding issues and pollution and the chance to see a wider range of wildlife return to the capital. Swimming isn't really the point of this and I think sticking to lidos, and designated swimming spots is probably safer and wiser.  

If the rivers have phosphate levels so high, showing so much raw sewage which causes  dysentery, I’m not sure it’s fair to declare them ‘restored’. 

They are defining ‘restorered’ though actions like ‘adding woody material to a river, or removing concrete and metal from its banks’.

it’s a bit like putting make up on a cancer patient. 

We currently have water companies regularly and openly releasing raw sewage into London’s rivers (whilst paying share holders big money and drawing debt on what we’re national assets). A small amount of money finds itself putting together nice PR puff pieces through shell organisations linked to well meaning organisations about how the rivers are improving when actually the state of our rivers should be something we should be outraged about. 

its a pity Cheshunt (Herts Young Mariners) and Chigwell (Luxborough Lake run by BeEndurance) are just off the edge, both excellent swimming locations. Otherwise great to see any improvements to our rivers.

How are sure the water as  Cheshunt (Herts Young Mariners) is an excellent swimming location? Crystal clear water  is no indication that the water is safe to swim in. Many pollutants are soluble. The attached river here (river lea) is very badly polluted. If phosphate  level ls over ‘1’ it shows a ‘bad’ swim swim site (the worst). River lea often is 2.2, which is off the scale. 

Haven't been in HTM for just over a year but it was constantly tested by BeEndurance as is Luxborough now and I know Luxborough is exceptionally good.

Interesting thanks 



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