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Any recommendations? Am looking at http://www.reedlofts.co.uk who are nice and local but would love to hear if anyone's had theirs done and their experience with it.

- Paul

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We used Loftmasters many years ago (2004) and thought they were very good, particularly on the after-care side when they would always come out promptly to deal with any snagging. Also, their architect was excellent and much more creative at utilising the limited space effectively in carving out a toilet and shower as well as a bedroom. It's definitely worth getting a quote from them as they were also competitive on price, and they completed ahead of schedule too.

I strongly dis-recommend Sunlight Lofts.  I used them a few years agho & nearly went to court over the standard of work & the delays.

I know quite a lot of families locally who have done their lofts and most of them have used either Pat (http://www.loft-conversion-specialist.co.uk/) or Rooftop Rooms (http://www.rooftoprooms.co.uk/), and they have all have fantastic spaces. Once we've sorted out our finances we will use one of them. They seem to be able to squeeze the maximum amount of space out of our roofs and both really listen to what you need and plan accordingly.

Hi Paul. We had ours done a few years ago now, and our builder has gone on to convert another half dozen (or more) lofts in ours and surrounding roads. He was quick and cheaper by a good £5000 than other quotes at the time. He's called Pat (I don't have his surname) and his mobile is 07966 136996.

I'm delighted to have done the conversion. It gave us another good sized bedroom and a full sized second bathroom, which was built over the rear of the house, so separate from the bedroom. It's changed how we feel about living here, to be honest, as we all have enough space now.

The build was a little disruptive, but not horribly so (the plaster dust was the worst part) and was all over in a couple of months. Go for it, I say.

Edited to add: same Pat as an earlier reply. Four or five years ago, Pat did ours, dormer with bathroom separate, for £27,000. I think he's put his prices up since then, and there is also the cost of finishing. We went high spec on ours, but you could probably do it for another couple of thousand easily, especially with no bathroom. However, I suggest you think about the bathroom - it would cost another £3-4,000 in building costs, plus fitting it, or thereabouts, but would add value in well excess of that and an extra bathroom is so useful.

Just to follow on from Carol's post (hi Carol!), Pat did our loft too, and I would happily recommend him. We had ours done nearly three years ago, and since then he's gone on to do 10-15 other loft conversions locally (and that's just our friends/friends of friends). I can't remember what the costs were but we had another, more expensive quote. We thought it was great value for money and we're really happy with the extra space it's given us (one big extra room and a bathroom). He was easy to have around, quick, minimal disruption (the first couple of weeks he didn't even come in the house - just accessed the loft space through the roof). Hope that helps!

Hi Paul we had ours done by Pat too, same arrangement as Carol's and we had 2 bathrooms already and a downstairs cloakroom (not that I'm boasting).  There are 4 of us in our household and we don't regret having a toilet each at times!

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Hi Paul,

I am just beginning the process of looking into a loft conversion so was happy to stumble onto this thread.

I'm intrigued to know how it turned out for you? Who did you go with and were you happy with the results?


(another) Paul



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