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We are getting our loft converted and have had a few quotes in and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of companies or reviews of the below ones.

  • Another Level Lofts London Ltd
  • Loft Conversion HQ
  • Skyline Lofts UK
  • The Loft Consultancy
  • North London Loft Rooms
  • Simply Loft

Just afraid of choosing the wrong one so any help much appreciated.


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Someone I work work with just had a very bad experience with a loft conversion. Company. I'll find out which one and let you know.
We used Another Level and would recommend. Pat is quick and efficient. It was all done in 7 weeks! Pm me if you have any specific questions

I am using Simply Loft. My experience has been:

  • Estimated 8 to 10 to  week build, still not finished after a year

  • Still does not comply with building control

  • Project manager does not show up to meetings he’s requested, agrees to rectify problems but often does nothing or changes his mind

  • The majority of the new roof had to be replaced, it is now leaking again

  • The bathroom ceiling was bowed and replastered

  • The bathroom wall sloped inwards towards the top, with the front of the basin sticking upwards by 2-3cm. Wall replaced, but poor tiling and woodwork, with a 1cm gap between the skirting and tiles and also misaligned tiles

  • One wall has had four attempts at rectification, but the plaster remains badly cracked

  • A wall and doorframe had to be rebuilt but is still badly misaligned and the architraves are damaged and also misaligned.

  • The stairs were not built to the agreed plans. The project manager claimed that the plans would not be approved by building control, although the building control company confirmed in writing that the original plans were indeed approved. The stairs and/or wall and ceiling are badly misaligned.

  • Throughout, patches of repaired plaster are poor and woodwork is chipped, damaged, and misaligned

  • Waste left in garden and public highway for months on end. Still waste in front garden

  • Last week I terminated the contract and will be getting another company in to put everything right.

Hi Gemma,

Ian was the person I was going to ask for you. So glad I did!
Good luck!

Thanks Gemma, I couldn't find worse. Build London are part and parcel of Simply Loft, so make sure you avoid both of them.

Good luck with your loft!

We had our loft converted last year by Dan James....

They are excellent and a great bunch of honest, hard working blokes. I would thoroughly recommend them. A few of my friends on the ladder have also used them. 

would you mind giving me dan james details..don't want to approach wrong one as there is more than one!

We used Bracken Lofts (http://www.brackenlofts.co.uk/ ) about 3 years ago, and they were great - very tidy, completed to schedule, professional, and skilled.

Hi, I recommend W Home Renovations. It is a local company, they are very hard working and have many years of experience. They do things such as lofts, extensions, basements and simple decorations. You can contact Wojciech on 07944709943 or see their page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/W-Home-Renovations-600848403295360/


We used Plus Rooms for both loft conversion and kitchen extension and can't fault them really.  I think they only do lofts if they are doing the kitchen extension as well, but I notice that you enquired about that last year for they might be useful for you.

They project managed the whole thing right from design, costing, adjustments, planning, build scheduling, (prompting us what to buy and when), right through the build - and we couldn't be more delighted with our new space.  Living through building works is unpleasant but was made less so with Robbie and James' support and professionalism.  We had the odd snagging that needed resolving at the end of the job, which you would always expect, so we are more than happy to recommend them.

Good luck.

Hi Gemma,

Who did you use in the end and would you recommend? I have just had a visit from The Loft Consultancy but I haven't seen anything about them online.


Off the back of recommendations here I contacted Dan James who did a site visit about a month ago. Since then I've been fobbed off with one nonsense excuse after the next for why I have yet to receive a quote.

The excuses so far have been:

- Off sick
- Van broke down (not sure how this impacts quotations)
- Getting to it
- We sent it and it must be in your spam box

Given the incredibly poor service I've seen at the sales stage I dread to think how they'd behave once they have me over a barrel.



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