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I live in Hornsey, N8 and am thinking about doing a loft conversion but can't spend more than around £50K all in.

Can anyone recommend a good loft company/building firm that might be able to do it for that amount? 

I've looked through previous threads to find recommendations but the companies mentioned seem to be a bit more expensive than that.

It's end of terrace and would require a hip to gable loft, so slightly more complicated.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

NB I've found a good cheap architect/structural engineer so don't need to budget too much for those elements

Edit 08/07/21 - I'm going to get a quote from Dan James, but would be good to have a few more

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 Dan James did our loft and half of the ladder! Really happy with them and their team


Thanks Guy - I've seen them recommended a lot. But do you think they'd come in under 50K?

We had an L shaped dorma with EnSite bathroom and I think it did come in under 50. I think it all depends on the final speck and extras that you get its definitely worth giving them a call and getting a quote. 

Thank you, I will call them

One thing that I found is you must factor in decoration as what we would term as decoration i.e. painting is different from what design build companies terms as decoration.

My loft came in under £60k but then on top of that was.

Carpentry i.e Skirtings / Doors & architraves

Bathroom i.e fixtures , plumbing, tiling &  fitting

Flooring and fitting

Bed & Shelving

And of course painting itself.

The above can easily add another 5 - 10k to a "finished" loft.

Thanks Adam, that's good advice

Our quote was for under 50, from Valley Lofts. It'll be more when VAT and bathroom suite are added. 

Skirtings doors and interior joinery all included though. 

Thanks J, that's kind of you to reply. Presumably you haven't had the work done yet? So far so good? (hard to tell much I guess at this stage if they haven't started)

Hi, yep they've started and tbh, can't fault the quality of work at all but they are suffering severly from staff shortage, Brexit plus staggering demand, particularly North London terraces. 

Guys are polite, skilled snd hardworking. Just stretched too thin I think!

Thanks for the info J. I will get a quote from them as well

A remote possibility considerably less possible after Brexit. Joking aside 50k in London won’t get you far but Dan James appears to have done every house on the ladder and must have a good sense of equilibrium pricing for this sort of requirement. 

Thanks Kotkas, I have rung him now and he's going to come and give me a quote.

I've heard from a few contractors that at the moment there's a huge shortage and rising prices of timber, which is to do with the USA and China buying up all the supplies. Italian builders for example are experiencing exactly the same thing. So nothing to do with Brexit apparently



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