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Has the locksmiths near Green Lanes station closed down? It always seems to be shuttered up now.


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Looking like it today... What are the other options nearby (apart from Timpsons next to Sainsbury's)? 

Timpsons is Not an option . Speaking from experience.

Calis  in Hornsey is OK

The Green Launderette does key cutting and Lido used to as well

Thanks Betty!

I think the GL locksmiths offer(ed) a wider range than just simple key-cutting — for instance, they had authorisation to cut certain security keys as well as standard Yales and mortices — plus the ability to fit or replace locks. Callis look a better bet than Timpsons, the launderette or Lido for anything more than basics.

Having said that, the shop’s website (North London Locksmiths Ltd) seems to be up and running as normal, so if they’ve closed down it must have been very sudden.

I wondered about that, since the original poster didn't specify what level of work was needed.

North London Locksmiths on Green Lanes is closed for good.

The neighbouring jeweller said so, and there's now a 'To Let' sign above the NLL shopfront.

He gave me a business card, which points to this website - https://www.woodlocks-locksmithandcarpentry.co.uk/

'Christopher Kerr, Locksmith & Carpentry, London, 07522 224115, WoodlocksLC@gmail.com'

The NLL website, though still up, looks to me rather like a Desk Top Publishing project from the mid-2000s, i.e. not updated.....

Yes, I agree about the website design; though, funnily enough, when I Googled just now the listing also led to a different, more sophisticated-looking website, albeit just a template with most of the info not yet filled in – almost as though they were in the process of updating it when Vesuvius erupted! Either way, they've obviously folded. At least the premises are too small for yet another restaurant, but it's a shame when a useful, non-catering, business closes on Green Lanes.

Shame - they were really helpful. I once took my front door lock in to them and they fixed it for free.



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