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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Wightman Rd is as busy as ever this morning. 

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I can't go to my local today but the kebab houses are openly serving to tables, totally p____d off with it all!.

Yes cause people still need to eat. We don't all like to get pissed and waste money on booze. 

Not a great comparison because the French don't drink to get drunk. 

Anyway more interested in why instead of complaining online why didn't you report them or ask them to their face why they were serving customers during lockdown? 

I do wonder why nothing ever seems to be enforced on Green Lanes. The shops and particularly the kebab houses seem to be able to do whatever they want.

I can't imagine anyone complaining directly to the kebab shop owners enjoying a positive outcome.

Number 3. Unlike you of course. 

We shouldn't need enforcement. The problem is caused by a significant proportion of our residents being selfish, stupid, couldn't care less, antisocial idiots who refuse to comply with the regulations. There will never be enough enforcement officers until we have one per resident, or at least one per shop.

The virus and repeated lockdowns will be with us until all the refuseniks die off.

Or...maybe we learn to live with it? Not sure people will accept repeated lockdowns. 

Or, learn to die with it ?

Civil enforcement officers have no legal powers in this area, they can only ask and advise.  The Met Police have an online reporting tool (link below and scroll down).

Enforcement Officers dealing with parking get abuse every day so I don’t think the issue is being “pussies”


The Council appears quite able to enforce the Covid regulations when the urge takes them. 

Just out of interest does the local Labour party put the donations they receive from the restaurants and traders on a public record somewhere?

I'm sure that's not a consideration at all ;)

Chicken Ways must support the Lib Dems.



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