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Location for Drop-off boxes for the toner printer cartridges to be recycled

Hi all,

I just replaced a toner cartridge (a generic one) for my laser printer so I have the older one to be disposed of.  I understand we can and also manufacturers proactively recycle the toner cartridges so I investigated, but most of the services I came across want you collect some cartridges enough to fit a certain sized box to send over to them.

Our place is small and we can't really keep such a box until it gets full.  It gives me the impression though that you place these boxes in offices, schools, stores, etc. where it is likely to collect numbers of toner cartridges quite quickly.  

So, I was wondering if anyone knows any public drop-off boxes in the area where I can drop mine off? 

Thank you!

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Currys and PC world will take them

Ah great - Do you know where the closest stores are?  I mean, they may not be open anyway, I guess, at this point.

Looks like the closest one from the ladder is one in Tottenham Hale.  But they are only open for click and collect at the moment.


I run an ink recycling scheme for a grassroots charity in Kosovo http://www.theideaspartnership.org/pb/wp_45b158b6/wp_45b158b6.html

I can print out prepaid labels to send them for recycling and the charity receives a donation for each eligible cartridge, between 50p and £2. 

The only drawback is you can only send a minimum of £2 worth of cartridges in one envelope to make the postage worthwhile. 

If you let me know what your cartridge is I can either send you the link for the postage label if it meets the criteria, or if you're not far I can come over on my daily walk and pick it up and add it to my collection.

Please spread the word!




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