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I am sure that Harringay Online members will join me in congratulating South Harringay Infant and Nursery school on a fantastic Ofsted report:

"South Harringay Infant and Nursery School provides an outstanding education. Children make a very positive start to their schooling and teachers ensure that no one falls behind. The school is a beacon of good work and makes a substantial contribution to the cohesiveness of the local community."

Full report here

Follow the work of the SHI&N school PSA here

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Well done them ! :-)
Fantastic SHP

Does this mean NHP will have an Ofsted report shortly, excuse me for my ignorance?
Really impressive report, well done to everyone involved.

I think NHP had one recently - wasn't there within the last year or so?
B2 if you click on Inspection reports on the Ofsted page, you should be able to search for NHP.
Inspections are every 5 years or so, so the date of the last when will tell you roughly when the next one is due.
SHP previous inspection was 2004, NHP was 2006 so maybe not another one for a couple of years at NHP. Thanks Liz.
It is the junior school that will have the more telling report.
I think that is entirely beside the point John. What the Junior school has or has not achieved is not the topic here but the pleasure that an entire community should feel when one of its institutions do well. The teachers and support staff work amazingly hard for the school and therefore for our community. It is not about what some parents believe about a school that counts, but about how much a whole community is behind a school.

Local schools are focal points in the community and it is clear from the report that it enjoys massive support from all sectors of the Harringay community. Indeed take a look at the photos of things organised by the PSA and you will see the very diverse face of Harringay reflected. Where parental involvement in a school is high, their children's education benefits. S Harringay I&N illustrates this beautifully.

Having worked in schools where the community holds a negative view which was often supprted by a sensationalist local press, I know how detrimental to the esteem of the community as a whole that attitude can be, "the school is sh*t, so the place must be sh*t".

John, you should have heard the applause and seen the delight on the faces of kids, parents and staff when the head made the announcement. It really mattered to everyone that their work is appreciated and I think that via HOL we should show the wider community' s appreciation as well.
Yes, local schools should be supported. Ferrying kids out of Harringay to 'other' schools is more than a little unfortunate. The more parents that choose to do this the worse the affect can sometimes be on a local school.

Well done SHI. It must make the staff so proud.
I have to echo this Matt, if you want your community to succeed in all areas you must support it. Lets hope Harringay's other schools can follow SHP very impressive benchmark.
That wasn't what I meant. The last Junior school report is here and mostly credits the head teacher. The point I am trying to make is that it is easy to make progress with a bunch of sure start fired babies.... not so easy with the 9 year olds...
A strong leadership team is very important to a school but what impressed the Ofsted inspectors was the depth of support from parents and, by implication, the community for the school. I'm not sure many of the kids in the reception were 'Sure Started' as you put it. Most (but not all) started in the nursery which lays a solid foundation for helping the kids to know what to expect.

What you get when you go into the school is a strong group ethos which pulls together for the school and has high expectations for parents as well as kids.

However, I would dispute that it is 'easy' when you have kids in the class who can already read well and others who speak little English but the staff there manage it well.

Again I would ask that we do not bring the attainment of a different school into this thread which is about celebrating the achievement of a truly local school with a long and illustrious history.
Agree that don't want to get side-tracked away from congrats about this latest report, but just to say that John's take on the earlier junior school report doesn't match mine (based on a quick skim read) - it seems to say more positive things than just crediting the head teacher.



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