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What sort of cock up have the LDs managed to make that they can't oust the worst council in London, the 4th worst in the country. The council that employed Sharon Shoosmith, that has mismanaged Ally Pally almost to destruction, that is fouling up the "renaissance" of Hornsey Town Hall, that reports to the government that entered an illegal war, that has "invested" so inappropriately we might lose the Whittington, that has destroyed the pensions system, sold our gold reserves, has an unelected PM who even now refuses to stand down.

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My hairdresser lives in Tottenham and is studying for a politics degree at Birkbeck. Doesn't mean I would vote for him but there are some competent hairdressers!
which parties did you hear from?
The folks who are exercised about where their MP/councillors live may not realise that every so often the Boundary Commission moves constiuency/ward boundaries. Are MPs/councillors supposed to move house every time this happens?
Yes, absolutely they do. Most people (outside of the lovely world of HoL) didn't even realise there was a local election on Thursday. Lots of my colleagues commented that they were surprised by given two ballot papers.

If you haven't had any information on specific candidates (and really there is not that much about if you don't go looking for it) then you would have no other option than voting on straight party lines. Well, that or a lucky dip approach!

I think holding local and general elections is a bit of a double edged sword for the locals. On the plus side there's a much higher turnout, on the downside the local conversation is totally drowned out by the national one.
Completely agree about that double-edged sword Alix.
Higher turnout usually means more labour voters turn out - certainly that might indicate why there has been a tremendous labour response across London this time. And isn't it FANTASTIC about Barking and Dagenham. Phew!!!!
Yes, fantastic news about Barking.
Glad to read you confirm that Kamila. It was my best guess at what happened yesterday. And yes absolutely about LBBD.
Widespread electoral fraud?



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