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What sort of cock up have the LDs managed to make that they can't oust the worst council in London, the 4th worst in the country. The council that employed Sharon Shoosmith, that has mismanaged Ally Pally almost to destruction, that is fouling up the "renaissance" of Hornsey Town Hall, that reports to the government that entered an illegal war, that has "invested" so inappropriately we might lose the Whittington, that has destroyed the pensions system, sold our gold reserves, has an unelected PM who even now refuses to stand down.

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Will the last person to leave please turn the lights out ?
I wouldn't normally respond to this but I feel that I must. I agree with some of what Omotn has had to say. People of Haringey have very short memories when it comes to the bad this council has done and overseen. There are members who have been re-elected that should have left in disgrace for their part in the things that have been done; but they have no shame and no conscience.
Maybe the Liberal Democrats could have done more, I for one know they tried; but the people of Haringey have made their choice and they have chosen to support Labour and not the Liberal Democrats. In the four years to come we shall see if they have made the right choice (I somehow doubt it) and see if things improve.
I feel that there are hard times ahead for us all. Haringey deserves better than they will get from Labour.
The statement above says it all , You deserve everything you get.
People were terrified. When you're poor and things look uncertain you vote Labour. I don't think this was anything to do with the Lib Dem campaign, those extra voters that were not there in 2006 that came out for Labour yesterday were frightened. Party lines were stuck to closely but I was heartened to see that there were also a lot of split votes (more than one party on one ballot) which to me indicates that perhaps more people voted according to the candidate this time.

While we vote along party lines we are controlled by them when suposedly the relationship is the other way around.

Certainly I wonder if the efforts we gave put in to increase democracy in Harringay would have been better directed had a half dozen of us joined the Labour party 12 months ago, it was a powerful brand yesterday.
On the national ( I nearly said front :-) ) scene, perhaps the best thing for Labour to do would be concede Government to the Conservatives now. Then, over the next five years, the Conservatives get the blame for the swingeing public service cuts and increases in unemployment that seem to be inevitable, no matter which party is in power, as a result of the mismanagement of the economy over the last 13 years and Labour can fight the next election on wot the Tories have done to the country.
And so the pendulum continues, always reaching and going past the point of sensible policies. The result is waste, perhaps the biggest and most pernicious waste being unemployment, followed by the huge interest payments on money borrowed by the government, mortgaging everyone's future.

Even without the recession, there would have been the catching up with reality of government by Hire Purchase: the private finance initiatives.

Instead of steering a middle course, we veer widely from side to side. This is the two party duopoly created by the current electoral system.

Instead of abolishing "Conservative" boom and bust, as Gordon Brown claimed, he presided over the longest boom and the greatest bust we have seen. Except we have yet to see the full effects of the bust and bank-bail out, because of insulation – for a while – by extremely high borrowing.
Can someone send me a food parcel please. I haven't had any work from Haringey Council since I worked on a European funded community development neighbourhood initiative in Northumberland Park over 10 years ago.
I think HoL through your postings and others, made people think more about which candidate was more relevant to them and their needs, I campaigned my ideas for a Better Harringay, but if people didn't vote for me, I pleaded for them to vote for the people they felt were best for Harringay, and the split vote reflected this, very interesting insight to the voters think, block votes only reflect party support.
How different might the Council results have been, if there were not elections for the two MP's at the same time? Turnout seems to have +/- doubled. How much do numbers differ today between those who voted for MPs and for councillors? ie does anyone just fill in the white form and not the yellow one, or vice versa? Psephologists step forward please.
I don't know how many will have voted yesterday in the general election and not done so in the locals, some - but doubt is that many.

I'm sure a lot of the difference between the 2006 and 2010 results will be the numbers who voted, and who.

In the 2006 council elections turnout was far lower than yesterday (around 35% according to Haringey) whereas yesterday turnout was 58% for the general election in Tottenham alone (which I'd guess has lower turnout than other Haringey constituencies).

I'd imagine those who vote when it is 'just' a local election are rather different in their profile to those who turned out yesterday. But what's the answer - surely getting the highest turnout possible has to be better than a situation where fewer than one in two bother??
Yes that is right. Hardly any just vote for the national election and not for the local elections when it is at the same time - although the returning officer last night made a rather odd comment saying that he was expecting the turnout to be high for the general election but lower for the local election - which does not make a lot of sense!! There are some nationalities who can vote for national and not local - and to make it even more complicated I think EU citizens resident here can vote locally and European but not nationally - I get a bit confused on this one.
I think that I'm not the only one who thought that the LibDems would walk away with Haringey but something nationally has happened to collapse their vote. As a traditional Labour voter I voted LD locally for the first time in my long life. Any political analysts out there who can work out the following equation?

E = Haringey Labour
X = Haringey LibDems
Y = Sharon Shoesmith
V = Worst performing borough in London

E+Y+V-X= A Lib Dem Council

E+Y+V-X+The Evening Standard = A BNP Council

E+Y+Y-X+Lots of trees cut down = A Labour council

And I can't resist

Justin Hinchcliffe + Justin Hinchcliffe+Being really rude to everyone = Why did you bother?



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